Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebrating Jin-mu's Birthday – Preparation C

Have any of you wondered why you don't see the 5 colored beans?

The 5 colored beans together with lotus seed are in powdered form with powder form of 5 spices, curry, ginger, garlic, milk, coffee, tea, chilli, cinnamon, chocolate, salt, sugar, rice, corn, wheat, ......
Many of the offering are in powdered form!

Health supplements are added as shown in photos.

 Above: Mixed seasoning with bits of green spring onions!

Above: shell-shaped macaroni.

 Above: Sweets, seeds of bitter gourd, liquorice root, cellophane noodle, and various others in the background.

 Above: From top - Broad beans, papaya seeds, orange peel.

 Above: Orange seeds.
Below: Calamansi seeds.

Above: Winter melon seeds.
Below: Bitter gourd seeds.

Above: Apple seeds
Below: Capsicum seeds

More coming up .........

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