Sunday, August 7, 2016

Laughing Buddha Statue 笑佛像

Above: Helping attendees to do offering to Divinities.
Below: Attendees doing offering to Divinities by themselves.

Below: Photos of the Laughing Buddha Statues.

Above: This gentleman is still Single! 
Below: A thorough cleansing for this attendee that asked for help.

AA: Laughing Buddha Statue
Saw your picture with the statue.
CC has recently pass over to us :)

BB: Good. 
Give you some homework to do :)
1. between CC n DD, why did I pass the statue to CC?

2. What did I do for both CC & DD before gifting the statue to CC?

3. Read the story of my recent meeting with a little girl at SG airport's waiting lounge on my way to Medan?

Just tell me what you gathered from the above questions.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom


I practice Equality and give the same to all attendees.
So why some get cleansed and blessed while some don't?

The Mindset is the culprit!
Remember GM Lu gave example of a Full cup of water and empty cup?
When you have absolute trust and faith in GM Lu, you are like an empty cup when you pass under the Abhiseka Banners and receive a Full cleansing and charged up with Blessings!

However, if you are too preoccupied with What You think you need or want to get from walking through the Abhiseka banners, then you are too full a cup and probably don't get what you craved at all!

If you scroll through the photos of Fire Puja shared in this blog, you will find that there are abundance presence of Light Orbs too! 
They also tell their own stories! :)

When GM Lu said to let attendees do their own offering to Divinities and not through me, it was because some attendees initiated doing their own even after I helped them to do so! :)

Are they effective?

Remember that I said whether you cultivate or not and effective or not, All can read from your aura?

Independence and deciding to go Solo in cultivation without guidance or aid is something pretty elusive to most when they lack Good & Sound Foundation!

Try and decipher my advice and act wisely!

With Metta 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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