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改风水?Alter Geomancy?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mengubah Geomansi?

Also watch:

In the above speech, GM Lu revealed or exposed some Falsehoods by TBS' VMs & other personnels!


[--- AA: ok. I preparing the ancestors packs - no stock liao! :)
n listened to GM's speech on 14 aug
its hilarious!
he said the VMs of TBS all very fantastic

BB: poking everyone around

AA: hehe!

BB: and they can fly and read fengshui :)

AA: fengshui? he said they just close their eyes for few seconds n then viola they claimed to have corrected the bad fengshui!!!  :) :)

BB:  :) yes

AA: i remember Hn said fe's brother went into her place n walk around then come out in less than 5 minutes n claimed he has already settle the fengshui in the house!

BB: oh about fe, i remember something
concubine took the map of my unit and showed it to fire during wenshi
he asked whether the direction was auspicious
and fe (looking a bit confused) and just said yes
i was really doubtful at that time :)

AA: hehe! a true master don't need to bother about directions!
as Gm said, just rearrange stuff around can liao
i helped u do that easily right?
your office n your house too

AA: merci beaucoup, yes ---]


Yes! many fellow students & non-students were conned by various masters from TBS and elsewhere.

Its a real lucrative business when the masters said they can SEE and have already settle the Geomancy or Fengshui of the place they are commissioned to service.

I remember a fellow student, SM, advised another to move house because he said the Fengshui don't agree with the fellow student & his family and thats why things have not been going smooth for them living there.
I have visited this house and move the altar for this student before SM's advice on shifting out!
So SM is more "powerful" than me, as GM Lu said that the VMs and etc. dare do what he himself won't do!
SM, himself consulted me when he got a new flat, and showed me the layout plan of the place. 

What is the criteria GM Lu mentioned in Fengshui?

Yidam Yoga!
So can you achieve firstly, Guru Yoga and then Yidam Yoga?
If not, there is no way that you can alter anything anywhere!!!

To fake it all and collect payment for services not rendered is Cheating & Lying, major precepts and must not breach!

What is Fengshui?
To me, its the Life force or energy of a place!

What factors contribute to this Life Force?
Actually, its the residents living in this place more than any other factors!

The residents consist of Live & dead beings!

Also any Divine presences!

YES! As GM Lu said, are you clean or dirty?

I went to this new flat of a fellow student before they move in.
After "feeling" around, I asked him to stand on opposite sides of the living area, close his eyes and "feel". 
He agree with me that the energy on one side is far better than the other, but he has to get his wife to agree to rearrange the layout in the living room.
So we waited for his wife and told her to do the same and "feel" each side carefully.
The verdict, wife also agree and the rearrange the living area to "enjoy" the better Energy or life force in the Living area. :)

For those that compared me with VMs that visited your place for a big reward and mine Free, should I charge you a higher fee now to correct the fault and damages done by these VMs?

Remember the fellow student that has a dark greenish rope like mark around his neck?
He had few VMs and reverend look at his place but none helped him!
He came and begged me again and again.
I do not like to "clean up" after VMs who bungled up premises!

At last I agreed to have a look & I solved the problem easily! 
I didn't ask for payment!

As to how, its in an article in this blog! Go find it! :)

Yes! I have shared my encounters in this blog and all of them are real life occurrences!

As GM Lu said: Time will ultimately reveal the Truth!

Diamond sutra's main concept: 无所得心 Nothing to attain heart or Mindset! 

What GM Lu has been trying to instil in all of us!

Fengshui can't harm you if it doesn't exist at all to you!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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