Sunday, August 28, 2016

Armor/Boundary Protection 披甲护身/结界 [2]

Above: Doing Purification of offering and Boundary Protection of Homa Pit.
At the same time, giving all present a "cleansing shower" with light! :)

22/08/2016, 13:03
Lama: When u help old folks or anyone by shining light on them, u must remember their karmic enemies are watching. therefore, I advised u all to give to all beings n not single out anyone or group that u can see only

taking on karma of others is scary cos it's invisible

whatever u do just chant guru's mantra as u carry out your daily routine. N you keep shining like a light bulb with GM in your chakra as the light source. so nothing to do with you. gm is sharing light blessing with all beings n thru you, a walking light bulb only.

25/08/2016, 14:42 - Lama: I register your whole family as sponsors n will put part of your funds to Homeless spirits n etc.

AA: Just consulted the tcm
He said if my stones is still in powder form, then can take tcm herbs to let them come out
If already more than 1cm, then no point . Better go surgery to remove the whole gall bladder

Lama: so what do you want to do?

AA: Chant more n see if the stones will go away
Lama : Yup. no harm trying lol

Lama: Hi dear, u got time to come over?
AA: When?  Next fri I on leave, maybe got time
Lama: I Hv these strips with gao wang n true Buddha Sutra printed. U chant 1 of each n burn with lotus n incense paper.
try to do 108 times as fast as possible. maybe 7 a day :)

AA: Wow.....7 a day

Lama: Yes. actually each pair takes less than 15 minutes lol.
AA: Chant 7 times of gaowang n 7 times of 真佛经 in one go n then burn?
Lama: One each then burn one strip
AA: Ok. N dedicate to all sentient beings?
Lama: so u chant 7 pairs then burn 7 strips
Lama: Yup.
AA: Ok
Lama: if u don't want surgery then try lol
AA: Maybe tue afternoon I can go take n start chanting on fRi

Lama: just come n take them today if u can
if u chant 1 pair then burn one strip lol.
so u can do any number a day, but in pairs
AA: I see. Ok.
Lama: the time u are chanting means body speech mind is pure 清净
teach WW n many of you this
But not many of u understand this pure state is like samadhi liao
the longer u stay pure them the more light u Hv n healthier

AA: Ok
Lama: let me know when u are coming
AA: Ok. Most probably tue around 3pm
Or mon I ask my hubby go take if he free
Lama: U can't cum tonite :) :) :)
AA: Tonite cant
Lama: Ok. I hang it outside my gate incase I not in :)
AA: Ok
Lama: U got chant bai zi ming everyday?
Lama: 四家行是忏悔还净法。
AA: Not everyday
: Ever since I started working so busy
: N so tired lol
: Tats y the attack comes I think
: Tired n stress

Lama: U are tired n busy bocs u cum into contact with too much negative energy
: you didn't arm or shield to protect yourself well

AA: Oh. I only chant gaowang b4 I go to work

Lama: U know how to fold this shirts?

AA: Dun know haha
: Gv me one sample n I will figure it out

Lama: U Hv this type of rectangular incense paper?
AA: No
Lama: I give u 108 pcs ba.
AA: Ok
Lama: I give u the folded ones. N also special mayura 孔雀明王 incense paper
U pay me $5 or $10. so it's not obvious I sided with you against anyone :)

AA: Ok

Lama: I will give u 108 pcs of the printed  sutras strips, 108 pcs of shirt with 尊胜佛母咒 n 108  pcs special mayura 孔雀明王 incense paper (This is one of Pure karma's  new design of incense paper - in process of printing) .

: so 3 items u burn with lotuses n other incense paper if u Hv
: mayura 孔雀明王 eats up n neutralize all poisons or evils.

AA: Burn with 7 lotus?
Lama: 尊胜佛母消业障
: Yup. at least 7 pcs. more if u can afford lol. 21 or 49 also can :)
: so u be good n cultivate hor! I only can teach u to save yourself

AA: Ok lol
Lama: Hehe. 加油! you can do it !!!

AA: Have to force myself loh no matter how tired
Lama: Yes. U need to fight the negative energy around u n also not let the follow u everywhere all the time. Else your family also affected

AA: The negative energy is from the old folk home?
Lama: Yup
AA: Ok
Lama: That's why do charity or voluntary work also must be careful
AA: I see
Lama: U remember your daughter said she don't like to go with u to do voluntary work?
AA: Ya lol
But now they like

Lama: Then u better make sure they chant guru mantra n gao wang everyday
AA: Ok

Lama: children are normally cleaner n they can sense negative energy better. the younger tHe stronger is this sensory power :)
: U might hv bring the negative energy home n they got use to these energies liao

AA: Oh....then I should resign Lol
Lama: Maybe u should all come n hv makan with me n let me take a look :)
Lama: 试想: 你能真正的保护好自己吗?

AA: But everywhere is the same leh. They are everywhere de

Lama: Hahaha! GM said some places have more!
: I remember telling you all n JC even can give answers to some places
AA: Tats y b4 I go work I always chant gaowang, if not I think worse
Lama: During one speech, GM said he must do armor protection properly from now on, after he got real sick. even GM believed that he is fine n paid less attention to armor protection :)
Dear all, what did you picked up from the above Dialogue?

Most people listened but didn't not register the contents at all!

Thats obvious from all GM Lu's students!!!
Most "catch no ball" what GM Lu shares!

Pure Karma's doors are always wide open!
You can write your views to share & discuss, anytime.

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With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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