Sunday, August 21, 2016

Animal Mind - Hoarding! 动物的心 - 囤积![2]

                                                大力明王 Mahabala


Email From SD:-
How are you, Fashi? 
Recently I heard there was a new conflict between TBF with one of the Vajra Archaya regarding Mahabala's colour. 

It is so sad to read the news about that. 

Why TBF always do such thing. 

You always advice just to obey GM. It is true indeed. 
For a new comer like me it is confusing, really. 
Luckily I always remember your word. 
Listen to GM.

The mundane pattern of religion is like that, especially those people that are given authority on behalf of religion. 
They play the role of God. 

But through this situation, I could see which is fake and which is genuine.

Perhaps if GM is no longer in this svha world, GM should return Zhen Fo Zhong to the celestial world :(

Now, Origin  of Dispute?
Someone wants to win & in winning, equates to Getting Praises; Adulation; Recognition: Fame: or in summary - Merits!

The Hoarding syndrome of Animal Minds!

Why did I underlined text in the above email? :)

Nobody paid attention to GM Lu's speeches recently on All colours together then White & take away any one colour then become Black!

Buddha Dharma has these keys - No Differentiation; No segregation; .... All are one and One Represents All! 

SD, writer of the above email, is also susceptible to "gossips" --- [I heard]?
Then judgmental :
 [ It is so sad to read the news about that.  - Origin of this news?
Why TBF always do such thing.   - So TBF is alleged to always act incorrectly?
GM should return Zhen Fo Zhong to the celestial world :(  ]
- Upon his retirement, GM Lu has said that he will return TBS to Fo pusa! 

Hehe! So, SD has also started to "Play god", agree?

And, did SD really heed my advice and "Listen to GM"?

My advice to all has always been " Listen only to your one & only root guru" 
and, for me: Root Guru is GM Lu! 

GM Lu already stressed Impermanence & Yidams can appear in any form too! 

Or, they can transform to situational requirement! :)

When you are pointing a finger at someone, do remember the rest of your fingers are pointing towards yourself! 

Think: No record Karma!

Do not attempt to pronounce or suggest that Your Root Guru act as you dictate! 

The Fate of TBS? 

Firstly, ask yourself - What sort of existence is TBS to you?
Then -  Do you need this TBS existence critically?

GM Lu recently said that TBS now, not too sound!
Remember where you heard GM Lu say this? :)

Heard GM Lu saying that those that is within a certain distance from LA Event, and have no valid reason for being absent from LA's event has breached major discipline of disrespect of Guru and nullified Lineage?

Do you know that breaching this major discipline will result in being "drop" into Vajra Hell?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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