Monday, August 1, 2016

Pointing Out - True Scenario 直指 - 真相


At the start of today's dharma speech, GM Lu talked about his coming visit to LA & SET some interesting "ground rules", based on Equality! 


AA: I am catching up on GM's speech on saturday & he is telling those in core to share info of his schedules
it has been all secretive all along n only those that can pay for privileges get to go along with GM!
in HK the same n when GM going to macau also all top secret, so much so that GM said during his speech, "2moro go where cannot tell in chinese. then he said in English - 2moro go macau" :)
4:40 PM

BB: yes, the announcement was different
that's why the clarification will shock the admin for sure!

AA: hehe! GM said if anyone is left out then he won't go too!

BB: yes

AA: what a great illuminating pointing out

BB: he doesn't like to be circled by all VMs, it's better to be around all disciples :)

AA: yup! he said very clearly he don't want to be surrounded by a few only that blocked out others getting near him
Equality! hehe!
telling all that he knows what n who made people unhappy!

BB: :)

AA: AND core gang think that they can cover up the SKY!
i still remember in 2010, a HK shijie call CW that wrote angrily in Facebook that GM belongs to everyone - bcos mamasan kept GM's schedule secret
n many were warned if they leak out the info then they will go to vajra hell n also be excluded from the circle of being in GM's company

BB: wow crazyyy... threatening with that
this is what GM explained this morning
explaining karma in the wrong way to others will bear bad fruit as well

AA: mamasan always use threats to force others to obey n abide her rules
Can u imagine what made GM said that in LA all schedules are open or publicised?
VM LH is a common enemy of core
they all alleged she is above GM with all her talks of astral powers!
thats why they ostracised all those associated with her, like those from panama
too much politics thats why can't yoga

he said specifically that he dislike having large group of bald heads surrounding him! :)

BB: :) ya

AA: it will be real fun to see GM's wish executed with VMs n fashi all at a distance n the commoners beside him!

BB: hehehe yes hor

AA: he said those shaved bald alot in Hell
not necessary sit beside him

BB: ya

AA: i guess core might have use their power to try n order LH around n demanding this n that
In the Mortal's world, turbulence and chaos reigns!

These ignorant mortals craving for material gratification gave birth to their own Individual Heart's demons!

GM Lu pointed out "renunciation" again, a major factor to successful cultivation!

AND, those VMs in GM Lu's entourage are not paying their own fares and expenses BUT, demands special privileges!

Each one of those that are non-paying and accepted special privileges are subject of creating debts for themselves that they most probably can't pay!
Thats why GM Lu said many bald heads are sitting in HELL! 

Now, realised why I always pay my own way?
Why I am reluctant to accept gongyang from people that are not willing to put effort into cultivating to save themselves?

O! Do not accuse me of "gossiping"! 

I am sharing the Truth as it is only!

There is no norm and the level of suffering and unhappiness from those being hurt or abused by core should stop liao! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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