Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Did You Cultivate with Diligence? 你有实修吗?

    AA: Yes merci
    How niceee finally a fragrant medicine :)
    Just woke up from a terrible headache and cold after going back from court this afternoon
    Accompanying friend to see the progress on seeking justice from the apartment's deceiving developer
    It was hot, the air was full of rubbish stench and smelly bugs, terrible energy around
    Before going back, had the chance to observe the faces of criminals in shackles too

    Just as you said we observed and collected data, and hmmm several features in faces somewhat show that certain people are prone to committing criminal acts
    Amitabha, i recovered fast
    2:18 AM

    LL: Hahaha! bad energy then u chant Om ah hom x3 to cleanse n chant guru mantra silently to share light. vajrasattva short mantra or Avalokitesvara mantra all good. they spread white light to cleanse n purify in wave like circles
    9:03 AM

  • 恶鬼 Fierce Ghost - 部落战争 Tribal War

  • Extract:
    A fellow student that went to work in Kalimantan for a month, came back with a fierce male ghost that have smell of a butcher. The smell of blood is prominent.
    The ghost is also dark skin.

    I advised him to chant Guru's mantra and the 100 syllables mantra studiously.
    He has the aura of a child before he spent a month in Kalimantan!
    When I saw him again recently, he is back to the child-like aura again.

    Thanks to GM Lu of course! :)


Give you some homework to do :)
1. between CC n DD, why did I pass the statue to CC?

2. What did I do for both CC & DD before gifting the statue to CC?

3. Read the story of my recent meeting with a little girl at SG airport's waiting lounge on my way to Medan?

Just tell me what you gathered from the above questions.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
I practice Equality and give the same to all attendees.
So why some get cleansed and blessed while some don't?

The Mindset is the culprit!
Remember GM Lu gave example of a Full cup of water and empty cup?
When you have absolute trust and faith in GM Lu, you are like an empty cup when you pass under the Abhiseka Banners and receive a Full cleansing and charged up with Blessings!

However, if you are too preoccupied with What You think you need or want to get from walking through the Abhiseka banners, then you are too full a cup and probably don't get what you craved at all!


AA: Fashi, I can't find the airport story.. Search till may 2016

Me:  15-6-2016 Meeting Interesting People [2]

AA: Haha actually I really do not know what you did to both of them before you
gave the statue to ZZ. We seldom talked about these issues.

I Guess you must have done some observations on them before you decide.

One of the reason could be YY & XX is not so 积极 as complete to ZZ.
Also ZZ has been trying hard to achieve the objective whereas the two are
not serious enough. Even if you want to give it to them, they may not want to accept.
One is ready and the other is not.

What is the point that I am trying to put through?


Above: This is ZZ that received the Laughing Buddha Statue! 
She gave birth to a little boy later.
Does the statue of this Laughing Buddha or Child-gifting Buddha has power to help in having a child? :)

Above & Below: Taking at Ipoh's Marici Boddhisattva's temple.

ZZ sought help from a fortune teller who advised her to get some statue to place in her home, in order for her to have a child.
The cost is about $6,000.

I heard about this fortune teller story and decided to help ZZ.
I gave her the Child-gifting statue free and also a Bodhi seed blessed at the altar during homa session.
YY also received the same Bodhi seed from the same homa session but not the Buddha statue.

So, what the difference?

Dear all,
whether you cultivate or not, and to what level of diligence, all contribute to what you present or your aura!

So, Sincere Diligence Level for one and Level of Absolute Faith, were the criteria that I chose to extend Help! :)

When your mind has doubt of what I share and teach, real sorry to say, I can't help you!

When I help attendees during homa to do offering to Divinities, I somehow also scan each one briefly! :)

At the same time, I also "Chat" with GM Lu and find a way to help each attendee! :)

What did I do, how did I managed, ....... ?

Above: When offering fragrances, I chat with Dakinis about each fragrance offered and asked their opinion and preferences! :)
This is why, photos taken during Fragrances offering normally has this much light orbs.

I also chat with Divinities when doing mudra formation and in Samadhi!


Do not pass judgment on anyone that you really can't read or comprehend! 

During the Homa session, I "transported" you to Pureland, but you hinder your own presence there!

Those that abused or undermine my Aid in offering to Divinities, have you discovered that you are not effective at all? :)

Absolute Faith and Sincere Diligence!!!

When you next tell me that you cultivate regularly and well, THINK AGAIN!

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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