Monday, August 29, 2016

无间地狱 Timeless Hell


GM Lu cleared up the Disputes on Mahabala's colors!
A Saga that went on well before GM Lu transmits Abhiseka for Mahabala!
Although in one of GM Lu's book, He wrote that Mahabala has a Head-dress of red color, that doesn't mean must be Red only!
Mahabala is a transformation of a Trio combination - Amitabha Buddha, Golden Mother of Yao Pond & Mahabala.
Colors can be White, Red, Yellow, Blue, too, depending on situational needs or requirement.

Mahabala's weapons? 
Please watch the video and see for yourself! :)

In HIS above speech, GM Lu talks about those that Intentionally stayed away fron the Mahabala event - this group of students, irregardless of their titles or job status, will loss Half of their Lineage Transmission!

Those that repeatedly breach disciplines & disrespect for Buddha Dharma, not acknowledging their misdeeds and no sign of remorse or willing to repent, they will be drag to Timeless Hell by Dharmapalas like Mahabala.

GM Lu went on to explain [Timesless Hell]
[时]无间 - [Time] is Timeless, means suffering is continuous without break.
[空]无间 - [Void or Space] is Timeless, means in this Hell, the Individual is the only one present, and multiples of this Individual there only.

GM Lu mentioned that in Ksitigarbha Sutra, it was mentioned that when One Hell is Terminated, the Individual will be send to another Hell.
And whey the current Hell is reopened, the Individual will be send back again.

This is [Void] Timeless!
So must not breach Disciplines/Precepts & must also ensure Body Speech Mind remains Pure.

Please go listen and learn direct from GM Lu.

Remember: Absolute Trust & Faith in One's chosen Root Guru!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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