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What is the TRUTH? 什么是[真相]?

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AA: posted SD's 2nd email :)
lets see what more he has to say!
Tue, 5:53 PM

BB: :)

AA: N catching up on gm's Saturday n Sunday speech :)
what SD talked about tbf n vm dispute over Maha Bala not true :)

BB: i didn't go into the details of the dispute
it was spiced all the way by people and overexposed

AA: N SD picked up gossips n claimed he read after he said he heard :)

BB: yes, exactly!

AA: N both days gm sang birthday song in bahasa

BB:  :) yes

AA: SD reading lots of gossips n hearsay that are from ignorants

BB: yes! so many battles of clueless people that become hot topics for disciples of TBS :)

AA: That's why I advised MS to refrain from reading Facebook contents. even VMs write garbages
Each wants to show off that they know a lot
But gm said u need to yoga lol
just close eyes then can see hear feel yidam's presence

BB: yes, to ascertain the truth, yoga is the way

found these last nite :)

BB: you opened your boxes?

AA: Yup. slowly lol. found those small dragon robes
the red scissors from sg n the green from Taiwan

BB: the green one is a nice weapon with sharp ends for tricky corners!!! :)
Tue, 8:21 PM

AA: nah! its too thick, must be sharp and the blade thin
i will try it with the stupas n small dragon robes n see how first
i did up 3 tubs of lotuses again! for the 3 events.
QM took up 2 n ancestors 1 - so I need to do again the tubs.

BB: busy busy busy :)

AA: also i opened the lotuses past few days
ya lol.this morning suppose to do but diverted to the small dragon robes
Tue, 8:43 PM

with the yidam at that location, will come out real nice :)

GM said he haven't transmit mahabala but ppl already claimed lots of knowledge
n GM said he purposely held back the "lung" from acala's mantra as instructed by his guru.
like the heruka one also same
n the brahma one too
GM added something during the event

BB: :)

AA: n some ppl claimed that Gm already transmitted some abhiseka to them n etc. but all not true
especially the inner tantra techniques n abhiseka, each must be preceded by presence of attainment of certain level in cultivation n realisation

BB: yes
this one, people can't jump over

AA: yup.
the bindu drops - red n white bodhi abhiseka - must cultivate no leak first then using mastery of Qi mobilisation, light fire n let the heat melt the solidly frozen bindu water n then the bindu droplets merge with the fire opening all 3 channels n 7 chakras!
then this person lights up from within and emit light thru every pore!
Tue, 10:02 PM

BB: Thanks

AA: I found the HK prawn noodle in NTUC, but they don't hv the price yet in the system
i bought lots of stuff

BB: it should be around $3

AA: maybe here, more expensive lol
i remember I got them from KL
the incense paper going to be heavy lol

BB: yes

AA: i will bring them home
slowly slowly take
looks like u have to keep the stock liao:)
printer still have not give u pricing?

BB: still have some space to keep them :)
not yet, all the marketing guys were out today, i've called them twice
i called in the lobby, and suddenly the glass door beside me broke out, with a sound of bang
luckily it shattered like car's window

AA: wow! u so powerful liao!
a plastic film holding it in place

BB: i should be scared hor, not powerful hahahaha
yes, luckily it had plastic film
i will call the printer again tomorrow

AA: like GM said in his Sunday speech about transcendental powers - don't have!


AA: wow! all into small pieces!

BB: i was really lucky i didn't pass that door

AA: thats why I said ppl must go listen to the Chinese version of GM 's speech for more accuracy.

BB: oh yes, because the summary might not be accurate
like you said most of the time they were different from what GM said

AA: however, even top Chinese scholars or professors don't understand much of GM's speech too despite their mastery of the Chinese language!!! :)
even the brief summary written by lian Dn, in tbsn also not accurate

BB: it requires real experience in dharma to understand GM's sayings in a deeper context

AA: Like SD's Why TBF always ......

BB: gossip is strong haha

AA: lord knows where he picked up this negative view of TBF
then he has TBF & TBS too
I think GM is great when I wrote Body speech mind to describe SD & in his sunday's speech he also said that these 3 need to purify!
and He stressed to focus or concentrate on ONE yidam & pracitce

BB: Thanks

AA: but no one seems to heed this pc of good advice
Hoarding is also present when ppl go all out to get various abhiseka, the more the merrier! :)

Gm said the story of #2 punching him is false, else he can't be successor.
why does he need to clarify?
when attacked, #2 resorted to force GM to make public that they are lies, so he can maintain his "position" in Mortal's eyes & Mortal's TBS
i hope the SD will truly shut up!
he writes in a condescending manner, as if he knows all! :)

BB: :)

AA: its real fun to poke him n prick his illusionary bubble!
I don't need him to register karmic packs or do offering to Jinmu thru me!
what if he feels not effective because his cravings are not met, then he goes around slandering me!!!

BB: ah yes! this kind of thing is prone to happening

AA: like some, gone bcos i won't do as they demand

BB: logically speaking, everyone has the right to choose what he/she wants

AA: yes. But not if I not willing to obey lol

BB: so they can't force you to do anything they want you to do

AA: exactly lol.
they can want but I also can choose not to oblige
wenshi is MS's favorite. he can show off to his friends n relatives that he is powerful or has transcendental power to predict n etc....

BB: omg, what a sorry behaviour

AA: he asked me for free n go show off that he has the power to read others!
thats why he taught SY to move house bcos he thinks SY house fengshui not good for them living there
as if his new house's fengshui he read himself!
I did it for him bcos he pushed the flat layout practically into my face!
showing off n bragging how powerful they are
how can their auras ever be shining bright?

BB: this is scary!
i also don't know how will people like him change for the better
because he dares to trouble other people for the sake of himself

AA: ya. he n wife both very forceful in asking n asking, even after I told them to stop bcos I won't answer anymore
they come fetch me for makan with ulterior motive to wenshi
insincere offering to sangha! :)

BB: crazy

AA: thats why i rather I pay for my own makan lol
n i don't like ppl to gongyang me with the view of getting me to do something for them to their benefit
its like paying me to work at what they want
i also careful to divert the $$$ to charity :)
so nothing to do with me!
also have Gm as the donor to charity

BB: thanks

AA: i don't need the recognition, fame, .....
thats why I direct all to listen to GM n follow his teachings
BB: yes

AA: so i am free n ezy
my dear, the ksiti incense design, can add the clear or bright eye sutra?

BB: ok

AA: hehe! i thought of it this morning but forgot to ask you earlier

BB: :)

AA: next time we do avalokitesvara and sharpyinma with heart sutra
slowly, one by one ?

BB: ok

AA: i got craving for instant noodle all of a sudden now :)
myojo shrimp tanmen!!!

BB: i didn't exercise today as my friend came here and she gave me chicken bread
now i'm hungry and eating the bread :)
i should have make the cucumber juice for dinner hahaha

AA: o! the 5 beans powder is real nice for seasoning as well

look out for them n buy some when u see them

BB: yes
uhuyyy with shitake!!!

AA: yup. spicy pork cubes n water cress
just got the shitake from NTUC
i like to keep some stuff at hand so can make anything fast lo.

BB: yes, this one is fast and nutritious too

AA: I washed the water cress n packed them into containers n keep in fridge
thats why i like to have some vege n meat around in the fridge n can grab easily to use

O! I remember your friend came with a big fruit basket on homa day & real fortunate for her to be in time to do offering with her fruit basket! 
although its meant for you :)
this people have real good affinity or auspiciousness .福气
12:28 AM

BB: oh lili, ya hehehe
it was unplanned too, i have not contacted her for several years and suddenly she messaged me :)

AA: She is real lucky lol
as if fo pusa directed her appearance

BB: :)
12:55 AM

AA: impending storm, the wind is blowing very strongly


The Truth?

As I said, the Truth can change as One progresses through stages/levels of Cultivation & associated Realisation! :)

Even those that are proficient in the Chinese Language & also Taiwanese Languages and accent, do not fully understand what GM Lu is sharing all these past 46 years! 


Their Affinity with Buddha Dharma hindered by their Negative Karma of this and past lifetime "Exacting" retribution or correction! 

Cultivation can be liken to Cooking.
You need the essential ingredients at hand to turn out delicious food!

Resource Path that GM Lu recently brought up again and again!

Dedication of offering to yidams?
This is also on Resource Path.

In Avatamsaka Sutra, Sakyamuni Buddha attained Buddhahood through kalpas of Offering to the Universe.
[ Kalpa (in Hindu and Buddhist tradition) an immense period of time, reckoned as 4,320 million human years, and considered to be the length of a single cycle of the cosmos (or ‘day of Brahma’) from creation to dissolution. 

As to how you wish to direct your resources to carry out Offering to the Divine or Universe, all depend on your own personal choice!

What Pure Karma is doing is to share the chance of doing Offering only.
Do or Don't, all your choice!

Effectiveness depends on your Sincerity and Not Pure Karma's responsibility to ensure that your wants and wishes are met upon your doing offering through us! :)

You can register for Offering dedication to any yidam during any of our events!
What matters is that you are willing to at least start sincere offering without MOTIVE!

GM Lu said start from Yidam as your Master, then your friend......

The upcoming event is Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva's birthday celebration, as GM Lu said, sponsor or offer or not, all up to you! :)

Know what Ksitigarbha's vows are?
Why Buddha handed over the whole "world" to HIM?
Why the whole Universe pledges allegiance to HIM?

GM Lu also said: 地大 Earth Great!
Knows what this means? :)

Collecting as many as you can of Yidam's abhiseka is still stage one Abhiseka.
GM Lu said you need to pick One and focus diligence cultivation, that is the Body Speech Mind purification stage, Stage ONE!

Stage 2 Abhiseka for inner tantra practice - Red & White Bodhi abhiseka.
At this stage if you have not mastered the control of Qi mobilisation and achieve No leak dharma; there is no way you can advance from Stage 2 to get Stage 3 Abhiseka! 

GM Lu said that Cultivation MUST be Step by Step!!!

Don't spread rumours, hearsay, that are shared online by ignorants and waste your limited time in this life with a Human shell!

YES! Listen only to your Root Guru, GM Lu!

Whether anyone has or has not receive Special Abhiseka, really don't matter or affect you at all!

Its You, yourself that needs the relevant Abhiseka to cultivate and Free Self then others from Transmigration! 

Yes! You, yourself!

AND, You don't need a naughty lotus child call Lotuschef too! 

And, TBF is the Foundation and TBS is the School!
Go figure out the Difference before you next use anyone of them! 

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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