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大愿地藏菩萨 Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva

I met the above on the early morning hours of 3 August 2009, exactly one year after my refuge with GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng.

I met the above several times, from September 2008, when cultivating with fellow students at one of the student's residence.

I met the above twice in June, 2009 at 2 local events.

    You can register for Offering dedication to any yidam during any of our events!
    What matters is that you are willing to at least start sincere offering without MOTIVE!

    GM Lu said start from Yidam as your Master, then your friend......

    The upcoming event is Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva's birthday celebration, as GM Lu said, sponsor or offer or not, all up to you! :)
    Know what Ksitigarbha's vows are?
    Why Buddha handed over the whole "world" to HIM?
    Why the whole Universe pledges allegiance to HIM?

    GM Lu also said: 地大 Earth Great!
    Knows what this means? :)
地藏菩萨十二大愿 [The 12 Great Vows of Ksitgarbha Buddha]


Earth Store Bodhisattva

Benefits Derived from Seeing and Hearing 

The Buddha replied to the Bodhisattva Contemplator of the World's Sounds, "You have great affinity with the Saha World. If gods, dragons, men, women, spirits, ghosts, or any other beings who are suffering for offenses within the Six Paths hear your name, see your image, behold you, or praise you, they will definitely become irreversible on the Unsurpassed Way.
They will always be born among people and gods and there experience wonderful bliss.
When the effects of their causes come to maturity, they will encounter Buddhas who will give them predictions.

The Buddha told the Bodhisattva Contemplator of the World's Sounds,
"In worlds of the present and future, gods whose heavenly blessings are ending may be manifesting the Five Signs of Decay, indications that they may be about to fall into Evil Paths.

When those signs appear, if those gods, whether male or female, see Earth Store Bodhisattva's image or hear his name and gaze at him or bow once to him, their heavenly blessings will thereby increase. They will experience great happiness and will never have to undergo retributions in the Three Evil Paths.
How much more will that be the case for those who upon seeing and hearing the Bodhisattva use incense, flowers, clothing, food, drink, jewels, and necklaces as gifts and offerings to him. The meritorious virtues, blessings, and benefits they gain will be limitless and unbounded.
"Moreover, Contemplator of the World's Sounds, in the worlds in the present and future, when beings in the Six Paths are on the verge of death, if they can hear the name of Earth Store Bodhisattva, even the sound of it passing through their ears only once, such beings will never have to endure the sufferings of the Three Evil Paths again.

"How much more will that be the case if the parents and other relatives use the houses, wealth, property, jewels, and clothing of such people who are on the verge of death to commission the carving or painting of images of Earth Store Bodhisattva.

"If those sick people have not yet died, their relatives can try to help them see, hear, and understand that their houses, jewels, and so forth have been used for the carving or painting of images of Earth Store Bodhisattva.

If those people's karmic retributions were such that they should have to undergo severe sickness, then with such merit they can quickly be cured and their lifespans prolonged.

If those people's retributions send them to the evil destinies at death due to their karma and obstacles, then with such merit they can, when their lives end, be born among people or gods and there enjoy extremely wonderful bliss. All their obstacles due to offenses will dissolve.



I shared the links above for the research materials, please go read and learn them.

Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva, one of TBS' 8 major yidams, also one of GM Lu's principle yidam!

Is Affinity with Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva beneficial to you as well as all beings?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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