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死而无憾 To Die Without Regrets?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mati Tanpa Penyesalan?

Quotation 1:

The Great Protection of Vajrayana

by Living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu


I wish to thank grandmaster for his empowerment, may everything be perfect! Thank you once again!

This letter proved that:

  1. Empowerment can reduce the size of a malignant tumor.
  2. Medicine was given by the grandmaster in the dream.
  3. Although it was a dream, vivid details can be recalled.
  4. Everything was perfect and auspicious as indicated.

I take special care for disciples who are suffering from sickness. During consultation, preference is given to those who are suffering from illness. Why? Because I believe the most unbearable thing in life is the suffering from sickness.

Those who are sick, if they always think of me, the grandmaster whom they took refuge in, if they always recite my name, or chant my heart mantra “Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hum”. I shall appear in front of them, giving them medicine, empowering them, so that they will be safe and sound. They will be healthy and free from sickness.

I am a Tantric cultivator who was told by Sakyamuni Buddha to come to this samsara world to carry out salvation mission.

It was mentioned in four-division Vinaya: Buddha said: “From now on, you must take good care of the sick. If you wish to make an offering to me, it is better to offer it to the sick”.

Brahmajala Sutra had the following to say: “As a Buddhist, we must treat sick people as if they are Buddhas. Taking care of the sick qualifies as the first merit in the eight types of merit cultivation. A Buddhist must take good care and attend to those who are sick including their parents, teachers, monks, disciples and other handicapped people who are suffering from all kinds of problem’.


Quotation 2:


Translated by Jason Yam (Page 72 – 73)


You are known as Living Buddha, how do you heal your patients without medication?
Curing a sickness is an expedient way as far as Buddhism is concerned.
It is not the most important aspect of the teachings.
To cure the sick is to develop his confidence after his recovery, so he will take up the faith in Buddhism.
Such healing method is formless.
It is a totally spiritual way of healing.

The healing can be seen in three respects:
the confidence of the patient, my role as the solicitor who, with utmost sincerity, invites the universal energy to descent and radiate, in order to heal the patient.

In this universe, there are many ‘energies’.
When these energies are being applied on the patients, their sickness will be cured.
To say such thing in the twentieth century sounds unbelievable.
But this is a truth, the miracle occurs in a blink.
It is effective without long term and frequent consultations, and the patients are not restricted to only my own disciples.


What has the above to do with "To Die without Regret"?

If you have been listening attentively to GM Lu all these years;
understanding & remembering what he shared;
using what you comprehended to cultivate and benefit all beings;

Then have you picked up Facts about Dying?
Like Facts about the Bardo Body and the stages it goes through.

Do you remember an event in Caotun Temple that GM Lu said some spirits refused to board the Dharma Boat to go to Pureland?

AH! This is the Point that I wish to share now!

In sight of Pureland, but refused to board?

These group are not those with heavy karmic negatives that prevent them from leaving with GM Lu's help!

They are those that have "Unfinished Business" that kept them back from leaving for transmigration or delivery to Pureland!

Sometime in December 2008, I talked to this fellow student about him forcing his ancestors to take refuge.
He has taken refuge with GM Lu for more than 10 years, so why force his ancestors to take refuge now?
He heard that by doing so, his path will be smoother by showing filial piety!
O! He is the one with about 5 different spirits within.
AND, at least one out of the 5 spirits was killed by him!

His problem is not caused by his ancestors but his own sins from this and past lifetimes!
What he needs most is to help his karmic negatives of this and past lifetimes take refuge and cultivate diligently to apologise and make good his wrongdoings!


Another one that I talked to was a relative who refuse to let go of his late grandmother and continue to draw her "attention" daily, by talking to her or "praying" to her.
He is grandmother's favorite!
His late grandmother's spirit as well as his late mother's, all still hovering around him, reluctant to leave him!


GM Lu also shared that there are some still very very attached to their worldly possessions like wives, houses, money, fame, status, .... etc.
These are also major factors that hold back deliverance to Pureland or Transmigration as per Karmic Influences!

So, how to die without regrets?

Let Go!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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