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那里不一样 What's the Difference? [A] - Mind Training


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Your eyes have these dark green shaped like spectacles around them, most of the time and I remember telling you about them.
Karmic negatives need to be appease.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
AA: Thanks Fashi..
What can I do?

Think: What did I shared with you from the beginning when you came and join us for Fire Puja?
Your Answer: In Resource Path

AA: Thanks Fashi..

那里不一样 What's the Difference?

Read this article and tell me what's your opinion between the Karmic packs of $88 each and the lotus offering on behalf of Karmic that is $15 each, other than the price difference.
This will help you with your karmic negatives! :)

AA: Fashi, I would think the karmic packs come with more resources that our karmic negatives will benefit from. To price it at $88 is also to help individual to practice 舍. Some many choose the cheaper package to offer in the form of many names. Which is also not wrong. It is after all a good intention, but may not be the best option.

However, back to basic, we still need to make peace with our karmic negatives and give them the opportunities to learn about Buddhism. Not every karmic negatives are prepared/ready to go pure land. In case if they don't, at least we still provide them with the necessary resources to bring them joy.

We cannot force/control them to forgive us. But we can show them the sincerity of we care for them and wants them good.

LL: Hi dear
You still didn't pinpoint the difference! :)
Think and let me know again.

AA: $88 - still focus on self
$15 - do it for other beings

LL: not really.
who is the subject here?

AA: Hmm subject is the negative karmic

LL: then???
Think in terms of your Karmic foes and you! :)

AA: Can I say $88 is for urgent cases?
If one has been regularly dedicate to his karmic negative, then he may not need the $88

LL: hehe! U are getting close! :)

Can any of you help this student?
Or like him, you also do not know how to explain the difference in usage of the karmic pack & individual lotus offering?

For those that have been following my blog from the beginning or reading from the beginning or cultivating with me for sometime, you didn't notice that I have a certain system to guide you from the First step and aid you advance to subsequent stages!

Fundamentals as in the previous article:
When you don't have or too lazy to build foundation, I am real sorry to tell you that you will never be able to reach Nirvana at all!

The questions asked or hint given, is a guide to help the student think and figure out for himself.
GM Lu instructed me years ago, to stop making things easy and giving answers all the time.
In order to master any technique, One has to learn and figure out for Self! 

I have much experience with giving answers and then discovering that most just didn't bother to think on the answers given, so that they can use these to help self as well as others in similar situations. :)

AND, in entering Maha Perfection & Zen, one has to learn to Pinpoint and Focus on Keys, instead of writing alot to Test the ground or to see whether he is answering correctly or not!

Zen masters don't waste time and words!

I hope that readers will start a regime to help themselves by a step by step Thinking Process as in Lojong or Mind Training, shared by Atisha.

One has to be systematic in order to cultivate well and no short cut or skipping steps too! 

This student needs the karmic packs more than the lotus offering, WHY?

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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