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冤亲债主 Karmic Negatives

Terjemahan Indonesia: Penagih Hutang Karma

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One is a karmic pack - it gives resources to your karmic foes - why do it?

One is an offering to divinities on behalf of your karmic foes - why do it?


[--- Hi dear,
in karmic refuge - means all karmic of this n past lifetimes.

so your one male & 2 female spirits are all included in the refuge as well as when u do offering or dedication to them or on their behalf to divinities.

Your karmic negatives is high because you have facial changes already in place when I first met you.

But as you are attending GM Lu's event in taiwan n seems a regular at local chapters, and also pretty smart, I hope you can learn the necessary to clean yourself.

I vaguely remember your hubby's look, and his is not as heavy as yours though.

Actually, cultivation is your salvation and you should do so regularly with true understanding of each step of cultivation

Offering to karmic of course will help you "Bring them to the table to talk"!
As to how to convince them of your sincerity, all up to you.

AND, you can't just do so for once or twice and think your problem solved!

As per GM Lu, cutlivation is for life!

In daily life, we all create fresh sins, knowingly or unknowingly.

Therefore, daily practice of repentance and dedication is needed to keep our karmic negative level in check only, if we Do it Right!

And, if we are lucky, we might be able to also reduce a little of our karmic negative level with each practice!

The solution lies in your own hands.

Cheers ---]


The above is in reply to yet another student who has problem with Karmic negatives.

The Karmic pack that is $88 each, is what is recommended to: 
those that has problems with karmic foes that failed to be resolved with self-efforts; 
those that newly step into cultivation - to help them to "Clear debts & start with a clean slate";
those that are unable to resolve karmic negative problems - like infants, young child, elderly and those that can't cultivate because of medical problems or deformities.

Offering to Karmic negatives, can help to "softened" them to at least listen to your apologies when your offering is sincere enough to them.
There is no point if they are not prepared to even spare you a moment.
So offering needs to be resources that they crave or need!

The individual lotus offering that Pure Karma prepares, is for offering to Divinities which is requesting for blessing for well being!

THINK: When you are hungry, can blessing fill your tummy?
To spirits, we need to appease or satisfy their material needs first, to put them in a happy mindset to listen or negotiate with us!

I remember registering some non-students' karmic negatives for refuge one Vesak day event.
Guess what?
They came later to question me as to why they are forced to take refuge when their karmic foes don't!
O! They were real angry too!

I told them that Taking Refuge with GM Lu, a Living Buddha, is like getting a Passport to travel to Pureland!
The lotus and incense offering package for the refuge are their air-ticket and resources to spend!
Therefore, they can choose to accept the offering or not, and to board and travel to Pureland or not too.
No force at all! :)

After the Homa session in Medan recently, as I was talking to the parents of a little girl, I was looking at her closely and watching the spirit surfaced.
A grey-greenish wave appeared on her right cheek and she immediately cried out saying "Pain".
As I placed my hand over the grey-green wave, I asked the karmic foe to please spare the kid, and her parents are going to do offering to apologise.
The pain went away then.

When your karmic foes show acceptance of your offering and willing to forgive you, Then and only then, will Bardo Deliverance be accepted by them.

Paying for and doing Bardo Deliverance for them without first ensuring that they are ready to forgive and forget, will serve no purpose.

Remember that GM Lu said during a speech in Taiwan, that some spirits just refused to board the Dharma boats to Pureland?

If you have been following my articles on Karmic Foes and also GM Lu's teachings, resolving your Karmic negative problem is really not that difficult.

Remember, Sincere and your own efforts!

I hope I thoroughly explained this topic and will not answer further queries on the same again. :)

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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