Saturday, July 16, 2016

出生为皇 Born to Be King?

 Above: Korean Drama - Mirror of the Witch

A: me n mar going to attend a seminar downtown organised by ... bank.
A: the food is good n the info not too bad too :)
and those invited are Priority clients that have more than ....K investment with the bank!
amazing that there are about more than 30 tables n each with 9 seats!
the bank really makes tons from investors in this category alone!

B: oh for sure then

A: no matter how good or acute these financial gurus, they too dare not forecast absolute trends bcos of Impermanence!
political disputes, rise n fall of power, human greed factor that leads to countries going to war, or stealing that cause large corporations to fall,.....

Jul 7, 10:14 PM

B: yes
who would guess 3 bombings in one day
from madinah to solo, indonesia
and the uproaring Brexit

A: ppl just can't keep being violent to get their ways
o! Brexit was mentioned tonite too!

B: :)

A: then ZZ presidential election

B: the ZZ citizens are somewhat hopeless seeing X and Y
the newsfeed are full of disappointment in them
wow who knows whether ZZ is going to swallow the bitter pills

i looked at the 4 of them!
If choose one out of these 4, then #1 is the one that will work hard!
but #2 has the shine of leader
hahaha! I best stay away from politics n election prediction b4 GM knock my head again! :)

last time I chose a candidate for sg president accurately by reading the auras of the 4 candidates! Hehe! That was after polling has closed n they were already counting votes! Still GM said to me to not play play again!
I remember I was in hotel in Seattle at that time! :)

N chatting to R.
R txt me to tell me that I am very accurate the next day!

B: oh you told R
if i remember correctly GM also said that the president might be ....

A: it (Photos of candidates) was in facebook
n i in a playful mood

B: but that can still change
oh ya ya i think i remember you wrote a status

A: i missed the polls bcos I am overseas
ya. thats why no more scanning or reading politicians or candidates in elections
what i share with u just now for the ZZ presidential elections, pls keep quiet :)

B: Ok :)
A: everyone predicts Doom with X & Y

B: yes, all talks are about both of them

A: one is like MT, looks nice but has an iron will n a little ....
but one has a failure aura written all over!
n nobody seems to want to listen - kind of aura

B: yes, i kinda think the same, at a glance, the ambitious spirit looks more obvious in X and Y
and oh my, Y is very convincing lol

A: that one has a nonchalant look as if didn't care how things turn out

B: hahahaha yes, exactly!!!

A: hehe!
the other looks like royalty - as if already the kingpin liao n don't need any election to be put at the top

B: wow you summarised that one perfectly
that's what's going on now.

A: I started to read about them after I return from the seminar! :)
google search is so fast lol
u know I don't follow news too

B: i don't follow into minute details, but on the surface the media are reporting them to be like that

A: i cut myself off like GM said, he don't care about news n etc. n instruct ppl not to report to him

B: yes, that's a way to a peaceful mind
cutting off unnecessary intrusions

A: in the end, who becomes president n what they do, all their own karma

B: yes

Remember that GM Lu said he don't want to be In-charge or Big Brother? :)
The 3 Korean Dramas that are referred to above, have the same similarities of all Human's or Mortal's Short-coming or Mindset!

That is - Only the King has power to dictate! 

Is that so?

Now, do you also remember that GM Lu said that practice of Vajrayana or Tantrayana in ancient times only limited to members of Royal Families?

Think: How does one become "Born" into royal families?
Do you remember what GM Lu said on this? :)

Yes! One's Karmic Influences!
For GM Lu, he said one lifetime as a yogi/reverend, and one lifetime as "King"!

To be a mortal's king, one needs to accumulate enough sentient merits so as to be Born to be King!
However, as a King, one will be placed into a position that easily cause suffering to fellow beings and accumulate negative karma speedily.
So being a King has its downside too! :)

THINK: how does one avoid creating negative karma?
Remember that the choice is always the Individual's, to do or not to do! :)

AND, explanations are always excuses only after you Sinned!

Tread with caution, wisdom and compassion!

Hehe! Being a King is yet another great "demon test", agree?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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