Monday, July 18, 2016

卓弥译师 Bromi Yeshes

Terjemahan Indonesia: Drogmi Lotsawa (Bromi Yeshes)

卓弥·释迦益希(藏文:འབྲོ་མི་ཤཀྱ་ཡེ་ཤེས་,威利:'bro mi shakya ye shes,994年-1078年),又称为卓弥译师,藏传佛教 后弘期高僧,佛经翻译家。


In today's speech, GM Lu shared that Bromi Yeshes is one that perceived Dharma as very important and he puts lots of weight on imparting Dharma cultivation.
Marpa's was turned away because of the high fees demanded for imparting the dharma of Vajra-screen.

Bromi yeshes perceived that when you pay great sums or a large portion of your worldly assets in order to learn dharma from him, then you will value this Dharma imparted and be diligent in cultivation and subsequent usage.


So? I am not so weird or crazy to put a price tag of $5,000 for a limited period to share cultivation to "Open 3rd eye"?
As long as you have still to master the technique, you continue to pay this sum regularly! :)

As GM Lu said, most don't treasure Dharma and the Abhiseka he gave at all.
The offering in return for abhiseka is quite pathetic as many gave a very small sum of money, like NTD 50 - about SGD 2!

I remember when I first took refuge and a fellow student going to Seattle event advised me to request Abhiseka for certain yidams.
I wrote a total of 3 letters and each with 3  Abhiseka request for certain yidams.
The cousin of this fellow student added her name and paid $20.
Another fellow student also added her name and paid $15.
I paid $100.

$15 for 9 abhiseka! 

I used to help fellow students free of charge but they abused my help and didn't bother to cultivate.
Most only get hold of me to Wenshi for their own benefits!

And treating me to meals seem another way to get free Wenshi!


Now if you want to consult me for personal matters or Wenshi, pay $3000 upfront and I will fix an appointment for you.
You will be given only 20 minutes and subsequent block of 20 minutes, will also require payment in advance before continuing into the subsequent block of 20 minutes.

I am not kind or compassionate?
I choose people to teach?

So what?

If you don't event have Mahayana basics well mastered, don't waste your time as well as mine in pestering me to teach you tantrayana, please!

I mean please stay away from me and go learn from someone else.

So, I am not the Odd One Out!

I do not believe in wasting resources of mine, like Time & Effort!

O! You can't choose me to teach you anything unless you want to pay large sums to learn from me!

Please arm yourself well with the relevant basics before you step into Tantrayana!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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