Wednesday, July 27, 2016

叫天天不应 Calling to the Sky without Response!

Translated into English by Lotuschef

Calling to the Sky without response, calling to the Earth without any effect.




At the end of this session, GM Lu stressed the importance of [Lineage Transmission] - all that you have learnt from GM Lu, including all Abhiseka, if severed, you will wipe clean then you want to come and learn again, breaking the dharma vein/pulse, how then can you still do this practice again?

Therefore, [Dharma vein] can't be severed!

[Lineage transmission] is very important!


The above is a summary write up found in TBSN.
It differs from what GM Lu actually said! :)

Please go listen to the speech carefully and check what GM Lu actually said!

What I heard was ---- If you leave GM Lu tutelage, you will lost the existing level of cultivation from his [Lineage transmission] and whatever you continue to do will not be effective.
And, continuing to practice what GM Lu has taught you, will be Stealing Dharma.

Therefore, all that you have learned or acquired from GM Lu and all that you have practiced to date, will be completely wipe-out.

If you seek out other gurus to learn from, you will have to start from the beginning again.

Means that you can't continue from where you left off when you are with GM Lu when you change Root Guru.

Now, whats my point in the Title of this article? 

When you break off your link with GM Lu, no matter how faint or weak a link, when you are in need, you will be face with the situation of seeking help without anyone heeding you or care to lend you a hand.

Thats why you can call to Sky/Heaven & Earth and will never get any response, don't say help!

Remember that I said when you take refuge with GM Lu, you established a link with HIM?
And GM Lu said that you start cultivation and Yidam is you master, then Yidam becomes your friend and finally, you and Yidam are merged as One!

Remember that I also advised all to make sure you go everywhere with your Root Guru and "Consult" HIM whenever you need to as well?

If you really heed my advices, you will already have realised how important is Root Guru and HIS Lineage Transmission, and how much "HELP" HE has given you as you cultivate and walk into the Bodhi Path.

No one can walk for you!
All your own efforts!

AND, [TBS] was used broadly only.
The important fact is Lineage Transmission from GM Lu and no one else! 
[TBS] fundamentally do not fully represent GM Lu at all, because many claimed and alleged they are in charge or control of [TBS]!

Can a mortal group called broadly as [TBS] fully represent GM Lu, A Living Buddha?


With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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