Monday, July 4, 2016

吻别开悟 KISS Enlightenment Goodbye!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Selamat Tinggal Pencerahan!

Screen-shots from early this morning of GM Lu in New York.

Hahaha! All the pomp!
A sentient show from Mortals, to please mortals, acted out on a stage in New York!
If you notice that GM Lu's glances swept all around him with much sadness & compassion, what is in HIS mind at that moment?

Remember that GM Lu said that Life is but a dream or a performance on stage only!

When the curtains come down, show is over!

Chasing after GM Lu, harassing Him all the time, to get Answers to enlightenment; to get Him to announce that you are enlightened;....

Know what?
You actually Kissed Enlightenment Goodbye!

When you shouted at me to not trust a group of volunteers at Da-yin Chapter with a bag containing gongyang collected, because you have racial discrimination or discriminate against those with dark skin colours; you tell me and those wise ones that You have also Kissed Enlightenment Goodbye!

You want to be distinguish from those that are of lesser "enlightenment" or no enlightenment by demanding for Head-dress & clothing to set yourself apart & high high up on a pedestal?
You too have Kissed Enlightenment Goodbye!

You think that Enlightenment is the Be All & End All of your existence?

Yes! Thinking that being pronounced as Enlightened will set you apart from mere mortals and entailed also adulation, power to dictate and control, subpoenaing others wealth and resources, you are really very very far from Enlightenment!

Shouting & yelling?
Collective violence and aggression on selected victims?


YOU! Not only Kissed Enlightenment Goodbye!
BUT! Deliver yourself, lock - stock - barrel swiftly into Vajra Hell!

Collective Violence?
Means using others to carry out your evil thoughts, which are derived from your ignorance poisoned by Greed and enacted into Aversions!

Yes! You are sadly a great victim of the 3 Poisons of Ignorance - Greed - Aversion!
O! A loser to his own demon!
Thus distancing yourself from Buddha!

Be aware that Mimic is not true and you are fooling yourself only!

Be aware too that What you perceived as "Must be this way" Or "Must be like this" .......
All your own Delusions!

As GM Lu will touch on Vajrasattva's practice, wake up now!

5 July 2016 金剛薩埵本尊法及還淨法灌頂」- 時間: 4:00PM(美國時間)
還淨法? Return to Pure state dharma?
One must know where one has done wrong to be able to say sorry and vow NEVER to repeat.
Then & only then, can one be cleansed & purified!


With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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