Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fundamentals 根基?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Penguasaan atas Hal-hal Mendasar?

GM Lu shared recently that in Tibet, he was told that each cultivator needs to study Mahayana for 12 years, before they can progress into Vajrayana or Tantrayana.

Therefore, Fundamentals from Mahayana are the very thing One needs to build foundation in Cultivation.


A: Please help me register.
B: you want to do? sponsor?
you have affinity with Ganesha :)

A: Ya sponsor ok

B: any of those that u teach Ganesha cultivation want to register?

A: All already gone.
No patience.

B: Hehe! means they didn't get rich
Ganesha is compassionate like guanyin. so charity is the way to get health n wealth from ganesha

A: Ok


Many of you are attracted by cultivating sadhana of Fortune Deities!

BUT! How much do you really know about these Fortune Deities?

Invoking Ganesha's presence?
You need to have the relevant affinity or merits accumulated from Boddhicitta!

The big boss of Ganesha ~ Usnisa Vijaya
His wife ~ Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva
When both these yidams grace your session, Ganesha will "Automatically" be present as well!

Have you the relevant Abhiseka for Refuge; for individual's yidam practice?
Yidams are Usnisa Vijaya, Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva and Ganesha!

I sincerely hope that more will come to wake up and realise how difficult it is to teach or share Tantrayana cultivation techniques with a group that don't have any fundamentals at all!

Many of you out there, criticised and scolded me for being Proud and Selfish & ....., because you think that I won't share or teach you what you would like to learn?

A very simple question: What are the ingredients needed to cook white rice?
Rice, water, pot, fire stove.

Short one also you can't get cooked rice!
And the next most important is regulating the amount of water and the temperature of the fire.
Experience is needed to make sure the rice is well cooked and not under or over cooked.

If I am the one that you chose to teach you, then I should have the Right to also decide whether I will choose you to impart my knowhow, agree?

Remember GM Lu said that Atisha and Serlingpa observed each other for a 3 year period before deciding to be student and guru?

Be honest with yourself please!

Did you believe those that "Seem to" or "Appear to" be GM Lu's representatives, and also swallowed everything they told you and took them for the Truth and the Whole Truth?

Time to wake up and review your initial perception now.

You have gotten nowhere by listening and believing these people, correct?

As I can't tell you who is genuine and who is fake, I always stress that in Tantrayana, You only need to listen to your own Root Guru!

And you can also read the dharani for references to aid your own progress.

Sincere diligence will help you progress!

DIY - Do it yourself!

Above: Incense & Tulip bundle with Ganesha's mandala.

Why do offering to Ganesha?
Like all yidams, you need to go through the Resource Path to build affinity & accumulate relevant merits.

You want Ganesha to make you rich?
Then put in sincere efforts to link yourself with Ganesha.

When you think that you have put in lots of time in cultivating and still can't get any results or returns that you expected, wake up please.

Don't blame anyone but yourself!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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