Sunday, July 31, 2016

You Gave Life to Your Heart's Demon 你生起了你的心魔!

LL: the soup is from earl grey tea and milk.

AA: oh now that will have a fragrant smell of bergamot 💟

LL: hehe! real fragrant lol
and with strips of red chilli too!
the flavors of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy!
and the colors too is attractive.

 Above: Steam Minced pork with lots of garnishes!

 Above: Rice with spinach, pumpkins & lean pork stir fry in soy sauce.

Above: Angel's hair spaghetti!

Above: At a Full month party this afternoon!


What am I trying to tell you?

I want to say that I eat and play like most!
I want to say that whatever you "Deemed" as Lotuschef in which you Fired missiles at, all didn't hit target!

This is advice I gave to many in sales and marketing and from my own experiences in the Business Arena.

To be successful, one must know one's product extremely well.
Rival or Rivals?
Don't exist!

Before you go into "battles", you created rival or rivals that you perceived have power or ability to harm you!
Hahaha! YES!
You gave life to your own heart's demon that only distract your focus or concentration on what you are going to face!

For example:
A client said to me that so and so has a similar product (In-dash DVD player) that is USD 20 less than mine.
I asked him what he is looking for as to performance expected from my product!
I told him that I use a shock absorbing mechanism for the DVD deck and High Quality LCD screen from renown suppliers.
 I went on to show him the specifications of the screen and the shock absorbing mechanism......
Finally, I told him that if he can find another that is exactly the same, then he can go ahead and get the cheaper product.

He came back a week later and bought from me without bargaining.

Sources fed me the info that his clients were angry that the product he sold to them don't work and they wasted their time to have the product installed and then again having it removed!

The rival's set were sent back to repair and dead silence after that.

The USD 20 difference in price is a huge saving in the long run because the cheaper set is junk to be thrown away after a few day of use!

Dear all, before you start a war or join a war, be wise and refrain from doing so without Wisdom of Discernment!

AND, most important, A Genuine Buddha's student will never enter or instigate a WAR unto anyone!

Knowing Buddha Dharma well, you will never give birth to your Heart Demon or allow anyone else to breathe life into yours too!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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