Thursday, July 21, 2016

三宝或三饱?Triple Gem or Three Fulfil? [A]

Above: The green ring-like wings of a bee is a logo of some local organisation and was in my mail box the day after I posted the green thick shape around the eyes of someone I met.
What a coincidence!
The green color is the one that I wish to illustrate!

The Middle Path Ideology?
No good & No bad!

Using dark greenish shapes to form the wings of an industrious bee, is a very good idea!  :)


This dark greenish color shape is round her eyes.
I covered the above with my right hand, finger tips pointing towards my left with my palm on her left eye.
I started to silently chant Guru's mantra, transferring light to help clear this greenish shape.

The greenish shape disappeared when I removed my right hand.
It took me about half a minute for this procedure.

** I have seen others with the greenish shape that completely circled both eyes too. Thick green lined shapes like the above.
So you remember I shared this in another story previously?

Or anther with dark greenish wave-like line rising upwards from his chin and I yelled: [Stop!] to halt it before it reaches the base of his eyes.

  • 三宝或三饱?Triple Gem or Three Fulfil?
  • Now, go back and study the articles in this blog on the 5 Eyes - Human eye, Heavenly eye, Dharma eye, Wisdom eye, Buddha eye.

    If you truly knows Tantrayana, does cultivation have any obvious and visible signs?
    Or, does the cultivator needs to keep telling you that he/she is cultivating and effectively moving or mobilising energy to help others?
    Or, does the cultivator needs to tell you that he/she is now negotiating with the spirits around and within you, to help you?

    After careful thought, what kind of eyes does the reverend that labelled me as 3 Fulfil has, to give that pronouncement?

    Can you truly see, read and understand Lotuschef?
    Where do I eat, sleep and play?

Question: Am I the [Triple Gem] or [Three Fulfil]?

Remember GM Lu said if you perceive him as a mortal, then you get blessing from a mortal; but if you perceive him as a Buddha, then you get blessing from a Buddha!

Likewise, if you perceive me as [Triple Gem] and not [Three Fulfil], then you have affinity with me and I might be able to help you in some ways! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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