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半桶水? Half Pail of Water?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Ember Berisi Air Setengahnya?

Translated into English by Lotuschef. 


半桶水是一个汉语词语,读音bàn tǒng shuǐ ,比喻功夫还不到家
Half pail of water is a phrase illustrating Skill has yet to be mastered.

It's a Cantonese dialect phrase which originally came from Half pail of Faeces, because Faeces is too crude & common, thus became half pail of water, have meaning of incomplete knowledge or learners that have yet to master skill fully.

Originally means a pail of water with only half depth, not full, liken as Skill has yet to be mastered.

That is pertaining to some matter, only know a little, but not completely understand, cannot grasp with ease of experience.






[一] 是雄辩地说明,以担半桶水奔跑违背了挑担的原理,因为半桶水在强烈的晃动下必然会倾势外溢,而且盛的水越少,外溢的程度就越大;

Sarcasm directed at some people that just got a little result or success, or those that just learned half of a certain skill, but feel self already very great, like to brag around, show off own's skill, to attract other's attention.

Especially those without true skill will be more prone to this behaviour, just as half pail of water rocking or swaying up.

Their opposites, those with True Skill, deep knowledge will often stay firm and deep, humble & cautious, showing the character or charisma of the successful.



The above is true and happen often to many that are cheated by those that are Dressed up in Forms of Mortals' authority! 

GM Lu gave all of us this self same warning all the time!

HE said: you must ask from a master that had experienced and master the particular technique or yidam yoga!

HE said: Those masters sitting beside me, many of them HAVE Yet to Yoga with ME!

HE said: Cultivation is solely dependent on your own diligence, NO ONE can do so in your stead!

HE said: He said and you believed!


This morning, someone came into my vision and I taught him how to help his late father!

Obviously, Bardo Delivery wasn't effective and his late father lack resources badly!

I suggested Ancestor offering packs to him, but he is of Christian Faith and sceptical about doing Ancestor offering my way! :)

I then suggested that he does regularly prayer in dedication for the well-being of all beings instead.

Dear all,
Your ancestors = your responsibilities!
You can't go to church and ask for them to do offering or prayer dedication for you daily!
As you need to eat at least 2 to 3 meals a day, so does your ancestors!
Don't neglect them.
When things are not going well for your ancestors, likewise the same will happen to you too!

If you have been doing offering to your ancestors like doing offering of fruits, flowers, water, incense, .... on your altar daily, then you should be fine if you do so sincerely!

For those that paid large sum like $500 or $1000 per ancestral surname, are they effective?
Or you do so because the master has sentient title and dressed up for the "part" too!
Dressed up for the "part" means An outward show of being skilful but really has only "half pail of water" or none! :)

Signs that Ancestors need resources or help to leave the Lower realm of Transmigration?
Constant squabbles within the family and a long term fall-out with family members!

O! I am not soliciting your registration with Pure Karma for Dedicating Offering to your Ancestors!

You can do so too, as long as you are sincere and do these offerings as often as you can. :)

I don't like the workload of preparing each set of ancestor offering!

O! Some will scold me saying that I don't know how to do business!

As an ordained nun, I really am not into any sentient related businesses!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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