Thursday, July 14, 2016

精进实修?Diligent Cultivation?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Bersadhana Dengan Tekun?

In HIS most recent speech on 10 July 2016 - Seattle Time, GM Lu shared many important and crucial Keys!

Cultivation of Tantrayana in Tibet starts from a Basic 12-years of Mahayana study and practice, then the cultivator can proceed to test himself for suitability to cultivate Tantric Dharma or Vajrayana.


Now, Ask yourself - 
How much diligent efforts have you put into the learning of Mahayana?
How much of what you have learned can you put into daily practice?

On 7 November 2009, GM Lu said that Boddhicitta is the Key to Buddhahood!
And that is the Mahayana's view of "For others' benefits"!

Without Boddhicitta, no attainment of Buddhahood!


Now, do you realise why I have been Talking and Stressing the Importance of Boddhicitta and Diligent Cultivation?

O! As per GM Lu - The fellow student, the Ambassador, can see blue-light in Samadhi after 10 months of diligent cultivation!

Do you remember that GM Lu also shared that there are those with great potential & affinity and will reach attainment faster that those without?

Yes! There are exceptions!

BUT! Don't delude yourself that you are one with Great Potential and Affinity and can yoga with Root Guru even before Refuge Taking!

If you are a regular reader of this blogspot, you will find many that alluded to special powers or abilities but mostly Not True! :)

Now, will you heed my advice and Start diligently from Basics?

Start from 1st step or stage of Yoga - Focus on One!

Yes! Diligent practice of the Four Preliminaries Practice!

GM Lu also said that HE has lots more that HE has yet to impart at the same session too!
As I said, don't let anyone chase away or overthrow GM Lu!
The Loss is Infinitely Immeasurable!

BUT, without the Basics, you will never be able to grasp all these "GOODIES"!

To most of you, TIME is the gauging factor of One's attainment!

NOT TRUE too! :)

Do not be deceived by those seniors who claimed that they are the pioneer students of GM Lu, or they have been with GM Lu for 20-40 years too!

THEY too, sadly have yet to Master the Basics and of course, still have yet to advance to Guru Yoga too. :)

Don't learn from them, Learn only from GM Lu or as GM Lu said, those that have learned and attained.
Only these people can teach you or advise you on how to cultivate from the very beginning.

No short cut!

Now realised why I said: Listen only to your own Root Guru, and no one else!

You need to start by Focusing on learning Buddha Dharma and then use them effectively for the benefit of all beings.
With Boddhicitta, you can advance swiftly through the "ranks" in Vajrayana!

Wake up and move away from those that can't even pass the First step or stage in the Nine Yanas!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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