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清晨的珍寶 Treasures of Early Morning

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蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 251_剪一襲夢的衣裳

清晨。Early morning.
I am used to waking up early in the morning, not like the current city people that sleep late and wake late.

打開門。Opening the door.

A wisp of clean fresh air, will then enter my chest, taking a breath, my heart blooms.
**[你有进入了此境吗?Are you into this scene already?]

[Nan-shan Ya-she] has large courtyard, surrounded by Pine trees, bamboo, maple, red christmas, Coniferous forest, Bodhi trees, Deciduous trees.

Its as if I live in the forest.

At this moment, I habitually practice [ 9 cycle breathing method].

**[现在, 请跟紧一点。Now please follow closely.]
左鼻孔吸氣。Breathe in through Left Nostril.
右鼻孔吸氣。Breathe in through Right Nostril.
兩鼻孔吸氣。Breathe in through Both Nostrils.
吸吐、吸吐、吸吐。Inhale exhale, inhale exhale, inhale exhale.

反覆三回,就是九節。Repeatedly for 3 rounds, that is 9 cycle or segment.
這一下子。At this time.
Body is emptied, bright qi entered me, polluted qi all out, I became truly [Void & Bright].

Earlier on, I already discovered little rounds of pearls on the broad leaves (Deciduous trees have broad leaves).
露珠。Pearl like dewdrops.
Ball shaped rounds, crystal bright and transparent.

I see pearl dews, didn't shout loudly: [Everyone quick come and see! Pearl dews.]

它沒有幽香。It doesn't have lingering fragrance.
沒有獨特的芬芳。Doesn't have specific or unique fragrance.
沒有香氣。Doesn't have nice smell.
沒有光色。Doesn't have bright color.
沒有什麼特別。Doesn't have anything special.

Thus, it doesn't attract people's attention, it doesn't draw the eye, basically won't be noticed.

That is only qi of the illusionary void, product from nothingness, transforming into rounds of white pearls.

我突發奇想:I suddenly have unusual thought:

Why no one gather these pearl dews, becoming bottles of [Pearl dew water]?

After getting rid of mixed materials.

Hard to say that [Pearl Dew Water] can't be an antidote for the human body, specific to some terminal illnesses.

My thoughts are real special, if [Pearl dew water] is beneficial to Humans, I can't help to cheer Them here!

因為我想:Because I think:
天生我。Heaven gave birth to me.
必有用。Sure have useful purposes.
不是嗎?Isn't it?

I recall a verse in Diamond Sutra:
All things contrived are like
Dream, illusion, bubble, shadow,
And as dewdrop or lightning,
They should be regarded as such.

詩一首:A poem:
一剎那 One instant
有 Have
一剎那  One instant
無 Don't have
露珠不用墜 Pearl dew don't need to drop

清晨睡起 Early morning, waking up
不欣賞花 Not admiring flowers
不尋覓幽香 Not seeking lingering fragrances
只是看那渾圓欲滴 Only looking at those rounds that are about to drop
欣喜人不醉 Joyousness that don't intoxicate people


Enjoy yourself?


Do join us again!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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