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忠言逆耳-烟供 Ears Repel Truthful Words – Smoke Offering

Terjemahan Indonesia: Telinga Menolak Mendengar Kebenaran – Puja Asap


18/09/2014, 10:12 - Lotuschef Lama: We must remember always that cultivation is for all n not for self to clear bad karma or become rich.

18/09/2014, 10:13 - B: TaTS what I told them last nite in charbroil. But they still wan to go ahead with the smoke offering
I dun join them in smoke offering unless its chant bai zi Ming zhou
Me n my husband decided to heed your advice n 修四加行 (4 Preliminaries)

18/09/2014, 10:15 - Lotuschef Lama: U read the article I wrote about Maha mudra?

18/09/2014, 10:15 - B: Ya

18/09/2014, 10:16 - Lotuschef Lama: Seem really hard for ppl to understand how to do a good job with One!
Can't even do One job well then go take on another n result in both also failed.

Like answer to Assignment 3 part 2. Hehe. Simple but most never bother to apply what shizun n I shared.

18/09/2014, 10:19 - B: But your mindset must be clear
Its not for our own benefits
Its to help all sentient beings

18/09/2014, 10:19 - Lotuschef Lama: Simple things are very important though. Especially in Buddha's teachings

18/09/2014, 10:24 - Lotuschef Lama: I will be back in SG around Christmas.

18/09/2014, 10:26 - B: Ok

19/09/2014, 20:07 - B: Hi Fashi

19/09/2014, 20:07 - B: If u going to R house on Sep 27, my family can fetch u

19/09/2014, 20:11 - Lotuschef Lama: I don't think can go. The place is a greater mess today n going to be worse as they lay tiles n cut them. Dust will fly all over. My neighbor's is good example. Then the other flats they started to do or going to do next week onwards will continue to be a pollution problem. I can't breathe easy too. Imagine wearing a face mask to sleep?

19/09/2014, 20:11 - B: Hahaha....understand

19/09/2014, 20:13 - Lotuschef Lama: Right now just clean up my room n cover the toilet gap. Bath n planning to rest. Like last nite, I so tired after the cleaning, I sleep without dinner!
Lucky only 10 days inside house. N 5 days outside. Else I don't know when I can breathe easy again.

19/09/2014, 20:15 - B: I
Am surprised u still have energy to write blog

19/09/2014, 20:15 - Lotuschef Lama: I heard the haze is back too. N I am coughing

19/09/2014, 20:15 - B: Ya. Today psi quite high
Please take care

19/09/2014, 20:16 - Lotuschef Lama: Hai. Don't tell you all; then later harder to rescue you all lol

19/09/2014, 20:17 - B: Hahaha....the group wan to change back to cultivate Bai zi Ming zhou tomorrow

19/09/2014, 20:17 - Lotuschef Lama: Anyway, still depends on personal choice to listen or not.

19/09/2014, 20:17 - B: Except S
I told them I won't join smoke offering cultivation in future. I only go if it is bai zi Ming zhou

19/09/2014, 20:18 - Lotuschef Lama: I woke at 3 am. So write something or read researched materials

19/09/2014, 20:18 - B: Then suddenly received watsapp saying they wan change back to bai zi Ming zhou
But S still prefer we go ahead with smoke offering tomorrow

19/09/2014, 20:20 - Lotuschef Lama: LK emailed me this morning thanking me for the email advising you all on cultivation n feng shui

19/09/2014, 20:20 - B: She very kind de

19/09/2014, 20:22 - Lotuschef Lama: S probably wants to learn Smoke offering.

19/09/2014, 20:23 - B: Maybe

19/09/2014, 20:23 - Lotuschef Lama: Hai! Can do one well, then go learn another. Big problem!
That's why he lost total trust in GM n think he needs to do something else as bai zi ming not good enough!

19/09/2014, 20:28 - Lotuschef Lama: Never mind what others think. I advise them is for their good. Choice us their's to accept or scold me :) :) :)

19/09/2014, 20:28 - B: :) That's what I think too

19/09/2014, 20:28 - Lotuschef Lama: When desperate even more easy to make big mistakes

19/09/2014, 20:28 - B: True

19/09/2014, 20:29 - Lotuschef Lama: Many scold me but I am still fine. 
 Why? My intent is to help n not to harm.

19/09/2014, 20:30 - B: :)

19/09/2014, 20:30 - Lotuschef Lama: W is good example to follow. 
Concentrate on One

19/09/2014, 20:30 - B: Ya
Now my husband oso concentrate on one

19/09/2014, 20:31 - Lotuschef Lama: Staying focus. He got big clients that just somehow sent by GM

19/09/2014, 20:31 - B: Who? W?

19/09/2014, 20:31 - Lotuschef Lama: others envy him.

19/09/2014, 20:32 - B: Then they must cultivate as diligently as W ma

19/09/2014, 20:32 - B: N do more charity

19/09/2014, 20:32 - Lotuschef Lama: Ya lol. So easy to believe R, showed they not focus at all

19/09/2014, 20:33 - B: Me first. Lol
Luckily I go meet u

19/09/2014, 20:33 - Lotuschef Lama: Ya. W listened to me n do charity.
GM makes sure you don't go wrong way mah.
GM knows best. But ppl just can't be patient n good n cultivate properly

19/09/2014, 20:34 - B: R oso trying to help us but maybe wrong way loh. He's not totally at fault.

19/09/2014, 20:35 - Lotuschef Lama: He got too much he thinks need to do n have.

19/09/2014, 20:35 - B: He really 用心 (use heart - put in efforts) in guiding us the smoke offering

19/09/2014, 20:36 - Lotuschef Lama: That's not the point. In suggesting smoke offering as alternative, shows he is unsure bai zi ming can help him n H clear karmic foes.

19/09/2014, 20:37 - B: I c
At least now they oso propose change back to b z m z

19/09/2014, 20:37 - Lotuschef Lama: That's why I always explain but no one seems to remember n apply. Hahaha!
My fault! I lousy teacher! :) :) :)

19/09/2014, 20:38 - B: Hahaha
No negative thoughts
U are number one teacher
Even if the whole world 抛弃你 (desert you) , I will standby u :)

19/09/2014, 20:40 - Lotuschef Lama: I got GM la. Hehe!

19/09/2014, 20:40 - B: Ya ya me too

19/09/2014, 20:41 - Lotuschef Lama: They don't understand my sharing then best don't waste my time teaching them the same thing over n over again lol

19/09/2014, 20:41 - B: If they confirm change to b z m z tomorrow, then I can go for cultivation le . Yeah
This statement will make people misunderstood that u gave up on us

19/09/2014, 20:42 - Lotuschef Lama: Else u stay at home n do with your hubby n girls lol

19/09/2014, 20:42 - B: Ya. Was planning to do tat before receiving their msg

19/09/2014, 20:42 - Lotuschef Lama: Like GM, I will not neglect anyone.

19/09/2014, 20:42 - B: That's what I tell them

19/09/2014, 20:43 - Lotuschef Lama: But Affinity must be matured for GM or me to help.

19/09/2014, 20:43 - B: I really 深深体会 ( deeply experienced) this affinity after this incident
Those with heavy karmic foes 是听不进去的 (is can't listen and understand)

19/09/2014, 20:44 - Lotuschef Lama: 三不能度:没缘; 不信; 业障深。
(3 groups that can't succour : No Affinity; Do not believe; Heavy karmic negatives or sins)

19/09/2014, 20:45 - B: True
I'm so thankful that I have 缘 (Affinity)

19/09/2014, 20:45 - Lotuschef Lama: 这是佛说的。(This is Buddha's words)

19/09/2014, 20:45 - B: Haha


In recent speech, GM Lu cautioned students on [Smoke Offering Practice].
Also those that go do this practice in cemeteries!

GM Lu said if do at home, do before the altar or outside the window!

HE said: ghosts are easy to invite but hard to send away! 

Students and non-students that cultivated with me for some time, I know whether they are suitable or not for cultivating certain practice.
I even spent time to personally teach some that show sincerity and diligence!

The Assignment on Smoke Offering Practice is ample proof that not one of these attendees, be they local or foreign, has grasped the importance of the Meaning of Cultivation!

That is No Required Basics or Fundamentals!

Seems that [Staying power] is just not present when these students think to try out alternatives to 4 preliminaries practice, which is the starter and also the ultimate practice to attainment of Buddhahood! 


My words are not good, Then Please listen to GM Lu, a Living Buddha!

AND, when you can achieve Guru & Vajrasattva Yoga, YOU won't need to worry about practicing any practice, for any practice will be "A piece of Cake", that is you can do it effectively or successfully!

With Guru Yoga & Vajrasattva Yoga, YOU can also yoga with any yidam of choice! 

When your heart calls, they will "report" their presence instantly! :)

O! You don't have to believe me at all! 

Just Listen well to GM Lu! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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