Friday, January 1, 2016

脱绳风筝 Broken-away Kite

Terjemahan Indonesia: Layang-layang Yang Terputus

师尊在香港法会上讲 [炎黄子孙]还有用 [筷子]进食!
Shizun talked about [Huang Di descendants] during HK event and they used [Chopsticks] to eat!

Therefore, are you [Huang Di descendants] ?

Or a [Broken-away kite]?


Quoting from Wikipedia 炎黄子孙:

[--- 炎黄子孙,也称黄炎子孙,中国术语,意指追认炎帝黄帝为先祖的族群。




The Yan Emperor was a legendary Chinese ruler in pre-dynastic times. Modern scholarship has identified the Sheep's Head Mountains just north of Baoji in Shaanxi Province as his homeland and territory. 

黄帝 Huang-di or Yellow emperor.

Those that recognised or acknowledged the Yan & Huang Emperors as ancestors are thus termed as [Yan Huang Zi Shun]. 
Zi Shun means descendants and literally means children and grand children.


Lots of Asians had adulated Western Cultures and mimic all these in their lifestyles.
They think that by doing so, they are [In] or fashionable or trendy and accepted by most.


Our forefathers, Yan and Huang Emperors, pass on qualities like integrity, honesty, humbleness, frugal lifestyles.....

Mimic the good points is fine but not the unwholesome ones! 

The Western culture that you mimic? 
Sad to say are fabrication of script writers ...... to cater to the trend of thoughts of those that have lots of desires or cravings for a "luxurious" and "easy" life!

The dramas that we were fed with nowadays too!
Most chased after those stories of marrying a 2nd or 3rd generation descendants of wealthy families!

The mentality is to lessen the period of time One has to struggle [To Make It]!

What is the above all about?

Remember that GM Lu said that [Everything we do is cultivation]?

In Tantric Cultivation context: When you deviated from your Root Guru's statements and sharings, YOU are a Broken-away Kite!

GM Lu said in his recent session that a student pass away and Jin-mu said this late student didn't cultivate daily or diligently, but compassionate GM and Jin-mu decided to let him go to Pureland with his sins attached!

Dear all, if you are a Break-away kite, won't it be impossible for GM Lu or Jin-mu to let you go to Pureland with your sins attached, at all?

YOU Chose to Break-away, Remember this!

What I am sharing is relevant?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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