Monday, January 4, 2016

是凡人,不是佛 Its Mortal, Not Buddha

  • 脱绳风筝 Broken-away Kite
    • Extract: 
    Remember that GM Lu said that [Everything we do is cultivation]?

    In Tantric Cultivation context: When you deviated from your Root Guru's statements and sharings, YOU are a Broken-away Kite!

    GM Lu said in his recent session that a student pass away and Jin-mu said this late student didn't cultivate daily or diligently, but compassionate GM and Jin-mu decided to let him go to Pureland with his sins attached!

The Buddha & Boddhisattva, always give chances and make things work for all beings.
Are you like them?


Now, scroll your memory way back to Core's published announcement about GM Lu authorising them to delist any reverend that disturbed the harmony of the Sangha Assembly?

That was followed swiftly by another that announced that Reverend Lotuschef was delisted with permission from GM Lu, for this reason! 

Hehe! Now the Fun Begins! 

Mortals and Buddhas behave and act at opposing extremes! 

GM Lu, a Living Buddha, will never let go of any beings.

Especially those in need! :)

If GM Lu were approached with the information that someone is disturbing the harmony of the Sangha assembly, What will he do?

Definitely Not Get Rid of this someone without extending a Divine helping hand, agree?

Why can't achieve Guru Yoga or any Yidam Yoga?

Because You lack the most important ingredient, Boddhicitta!


Its so sad that people function with sentient mindset in a Buddhist Assembly! 

The said announcement are all documented in this blog too! 

Can't be erase now! 

GM Lu always caution to act wisely too!

Now Think: Do you still persist in claiming that You Have Authority to do as you please? 

In recent session, GM Lu said to "Throw away Self/Ego" (自我)!

Only by doing so then you can be successful with Maha Perfection Dharma's cultivation! 

I did warn all of you to act wisely too! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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