Thursday, January 7, 2016

神通蓋世?Transcendental Powers That Encompassed The World?


AA:喔. 我知[法師]妳是要講[宗委會]。
O! I Know [fashi] you are talking about [Admin committee].

But [fashi] your Transcendental Powers That Encompassed The World, as if you do not know why?

So this way that no need to [care] about GM? That Transcendental Powers of yours should know!

Others know one of it, you should know one, two, even 3.4.5.....

LC: 哈哈哈!神通蓋世???开、开、开、什么玩笑? 没有神通啦!
Hahaha! Transcendental Powers That Encompassed The World? 
Are you joking? Don't have Transcendental Powers!

Please listen again to what GM wants to tell you! :)

神通 - 师尊的版本?
Transcendental Powers - GM's version?

GM said before that all sentient beings are [Buddhas].

修到5/6 地菩萨就自然有。
When you attain Level 5 or 6 of Boddhisattva hood, naturally will have.

Everyone also can! Must cultivate then can!

我[开示] 讲神通?I [speak] about Transcendental Powers?

我在[分享] 我的经历而已!
I am only [Sharing] my experiences only!

You also can be the same, as long as you follow closely to what GM teaches and cultivate.

Transcendental Powers? Or Mad?
:) :) :)
Dear all,
神通?Transcendental Powers?
A much misunderstood term used by many who hasn't even the slightest inkling what it is! 

The student in the chat, used "I Know"; "You Should"; .....
and talking about [care] for/about GM.....


A very surface individual and pretty sarcastic too! 
A pungent flavour of sour grapes or vinegar detected too! 

Another one that [Locked Tight] by own mind!

About caring for GM?
What did GM said about this?
One's Karma, has to be resolved by Self and not anyone else!

We have witnessed the Legal Battles against those that Admin isolated as culprits, who slander or defame GM Lu.

BUT, what was GM's comments on the aftermath?

It was all frivolous actions of sentient minds that attempt to suppress or Take Revenge, the purpose? 
A Show of Muscles! 


What happened to USING Buddha Dharma to resolve all issues?

Obviously, Do Not Know How to Use Buddha Dharma to do so! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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