Friday, January 1, 2016

King Makers 造皇者

Terjemahan Indonesia: Para Pelobi Kekuasaan

Title of a drama: 七俠五義人間道 劇集列表 Seven variant WuYi human way List

In the above drama, we see the favorite character [Justice Bao]!

We also see [King makers] in the form or his mother, the Dowager Empress; the Chief Eunuch; and various court officials; who attempted to Dictate to the young king to the extend that [Justice] is ignored!


Relevance again?

You will find if you are observant that the same pattern exist in and around us daily too!

BUT, the most unsuitable or inappropriate place for seeing these "King makers" are when the "King" is a Dharma King! 

See how many try to manipulate GM Lu, a Living Buddha, a Dharma King?

Of course, when GM Lu keeps quiet and let their antics pass, they think that they are successful in "making" a king that they can control or manipulate! 


Is that so?

Many that can't get near or what they want from GM Lu, because of his "care-givers" or entourage, became angry and leave TBS, and the real resentful ones even went all out to denounce, defame, slander, scold, GM Lu.

Sadly, the GM Lu that they scolded is a fabrication created by GM Lu's "care-givers" or his entourage!

If you know the True GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng. YOU will never be far away from him, what more failed to get close to seek help or chat to!

HE is always with you no matter where and when if you have absolute Faith in him!

Many do not understand why I am so confident and "Dare to Defy" those who claimed to be in Authority!

Question: Have I given over myself or my life to their control and manipulation?

NO! Definitely Not!

To Cultivate is to Free self from Life & Death and all entanglements and restraints!

Why put yourself into someone else hands?

And this someone else has still a long long way to even get onto the Boddhi Path too!



Wake up and walk on your own efforts into the Boddhi Path!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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