Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mortal's Belief 凡人的信念

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30/01/2016, 11:26 - D: Hi Ms Poon, are you in spore? My husband is thinking of meeting you for yearly review. He always visit a geomancer to guide on the new year. I told him Abt u and he is interested to catch up with you. Are you available to meet him to guide him? Thanks

30/01/2016, 11:40 - Lotuschef Lama: Hahaha! I don't do this type of yearly review :) . my consultation fees are in blocks of 20 minutes. each block SGD 3K. unlike geomancer who does predictions, I give advice to take control of one's destiny once n for all. there's no need to do yearly review at all  :)

30/01/2016, 11:58 - Lotuschef Lama: I do not tell u what u like to hear or teach u how to get rich quick, which is probably against the law of nature. :)

30/01/2016, 12:01 - Lotuschef Lama: what a person brings into this lifetime n how much he can retain n use & how much he can put efforts to build n accumulate is solely dependent on his own deeds. therefore, I can teach how to improve or enhance only. or make amendments for past wrongs. :)

30/01/2016, 12:04 - Lotuschef Lama: if he is still interested to see me, I can extend the time to beyond 20 minutes, if he has an interesting past or pasts that surface  :)

30/01/2016, 12:19 - Lotuschef Lama: refer to


Dear all, 
who has to face the ups & downs of his/her own life?
who has to make decisions and live by them?

Can a geomancer or fortune teller really help you at all?
Can these people teach you how to alter your destiny or fate, for the rest of your life?

There is a common saying: 风水佬骗你十年八年... Fengshui man bluff you for 10 years or 8 years.....

Because by that time, everything changes influenced by their predictions.
AND, if something dire happens, they are no where to be found! :)
OR, they said you have done something that cause the calamities or misfortune and not their fault!

All in? Your Fault!


One's aura or energy changes constantly, thus Buddha teaches [Impermanence]!
The Human Aura is interesting likewise, as it changes rapidly with the environment like flipping pages fast. 
This is due to One's own [Action & Reaction] to the environment only.

Therefore, the 20 minutes block set by Pure Karma for Consultation services is ample.

One's energy influenced self and subsequently his surroundings and those near him.
Changing the placement of furniture and fittings or adding certain items believed to be auspicious or can alter "fengshui" of a place?

Be sceptical please!

Don't fall easy prey to tricksters!

Take control of your own destiny now!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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