Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Avatamsaka Sutra - Compass of Tantric Cultivation? 华严经 - 密教修行指南?


Above: A youthful looking 57 years old Lotuschef?


Above: Notice the photos with lots of Light Orbs?
They commonly appeared and are captured on photos when Lotuschef is deploying "Light Energy" in Blessing and Cleansing! :)


Tusita Palace's Praise Verses Collection No. 24


As to saying: Widely visiting all Buddha-lands, without any hindrance, seeing infinite Pure Dharmakaya;

With Wisdom body, exhibit infinite bodies, widely towards executing all ten directional Buddha's work;

Entering all Buddhas' infinite, unfathomable, at ease dharma, abiding within infinite all wisdom doorways, with Wisdom's brightness easily comprehend all dharma; 


When TBS' admin or core accused Lotuschef in a letter alleging that Lotuschef harmed others' Wisdom Life; 
and also a published announcement that Lotuschef broke harmony of Sangha Assembly;.....

Those that have like mindset as those in admin or core, swallow everything "lock, stock and barrel" without an ounce of Wisdom!

These all enacted by students from all over the world too!

If you have read Avatamsaka Sutra and understood its contents, YOU will never act without an ounce of Wisdom like those in TBS' core!

Buddha Dharma?

Ways or methods shared or taught by Buddhas!

I asked VM Lian Wang when he came with Lian Yue in Caotun Temple, "What is Wisdom Life" that they accused Lotuschef of severing in others!

I again asked him the same when he came with Lian He in Seattle's Rainbow Temple, the same question!

He didn't answer at all!
The First instant, he ran away swiftly.
The Second encounter, he changed the topic and continue in Attack Status! :)

Students have asked me how to distinguish Genuine masters!

I am sure by now, if you have truly listen and comprehend GM Lu's sharings and some of mine, You will realised that GM Lu really knows All & knows Best too!

Many students also alleged that Lotuschef is proud!

Do you agree with them?

OR, Does Lotuschef has reasons to be Proud?

Know NOW why its considered a waste of time to explain Genuine or Authentic Buddha Dharma to students and mortals that are without an iota of Wisdom?

O! You do not have to agree with Lotuschef, but please agree with Buddha's sharings and that of GM Lu!

Isn't it high time to spend some time reading and understanding or reasoning the Avatamsaka Sutra for your own benefit?

Do bear in mind that Cultivation Depends Solely On Self Efforts!

AND, do be prepared to Answer Lotuschef's questions if you attempt to learn anything from Lotuschef. 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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