Monday, January 4, 2016

丢掉[自我]Throw Away Self/Ego

Terjemahan Indonesia: Buanglah Ego-mu

All the above photos were screen shots of Saturday's Kalachakra event in Taiwan.

GM Lu said to "Throw away Self/Ego" (自我)!

Only by doing so then you can be successful with Maha Perfection Dharma's cultivation!

Case 1 - A reverend was agitating over giving gongyang to GM Lu after lunch at Caotun Temple.
She finally mustered courage to do so!
Upon her return, she told us that she told GM Lu that she is from UK.
I said that she really don't need to say that she is from UK, as GM Lu knows all.
Her answer was abrupt and rude: I like!
Hahaha! She meant that she wants to do so, so what, and who can stop her! 

Case 2 - In Caotun temple, VM LN came at me, attempting to subdue me. :)
Part of what he said, in a threatening manner : 
你对我有意见?You have something against me? 

Case 3 - In Caotun temple, VM LY kept tucking my sleeve to force me to listen to her lecture about what I shouldn't do and about TBS this and that.
When I asked her "What does TBS means to you?", she ignored me.
For about 40 minutes, she kept on and on about what I can't do but she can!

AH! GM Lu said TBS also don't exist in his most recent speech on Saturday!

Case 4 - In Seattle Rainbow temple, VM LW & LH, came and lecture me.
VM LW said that I cannot wear TBS' design lama clothing!
And I must adhere to their dictates to get my name back onto the reverend's list! 

Well, there are more such interesting mortals that attempt to Lord it over others and misleading others about Buddha Dharma!

When YOU really throw away Self/Ego, you will really behave very very differently and then you can really be Fully Enlightened and practice or perform accordingly too! :)

Don't do anything that Your Root Guru won't ever do! 

Making a fool of yourself is nothing compared to digging your grave deeper and deeper into Vajra Hell! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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