Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 - 设计[金母]新装 Designing [Golden Mother]'s New Wardrobe

Above: The latest gown, fresh from our designer - The Layer Robe concept used.

AA: just settled the urgent request from client
time for jinmu's gown now  :)

BB: u must chant guru n jin mu mantras then u can do real fast n nice

AA: (Palms together) yes

BB: have FUN!

AA: you too
Wed, 10:00 PM

Media of Gown Designed, Omitted.

AA: finally i can sleep peacefully
in the style of celestial maiden
5:45 AM

BB: Gorgeous!!!
I slept at 4.30am & woke at 8.30am.
11:16 AM

AA: I just woke up too
Slept around 5

BB: you adopted my idea of using the 8 auspicious symbols too :)
your 5am is my 6am

the colors are real lovely
a great symphony of colors!

AA: I don't have the tidied vectors too and it will take a very long time to tidy them, so i just try to put and colour them first in this batch

Next time when i have free time i have planned to repro the 8 auspicious symbols so they can be tidy and symmetrical

But they still look good in small sizing

BB: too symmetrical then might not be good liao

AA: Yes hor, everything with "too" will either be extreme or boring

BB: ya lol
we lotus bambino like to play play kind n hard to conform

AA: :)

BB: This medan event, will have great great session with all divinities gracing our event
ooooooo all the nice nice offerings

I prefer this latest one to yesterday's flowery prints though
it has some japanese flavor too

AA: They're still drafts, i hope still got time to revise and add things before printing

BB: astute, dignified, classy, whamp

AA: Yes the latest was inspired by the japanese celestial princess kaguya

BB: hehe! I am not bad hor? can detect the flavor... :)

AA: Very classy, that's the latest outfit she wore before amitabha and the assembly came to fetch her back to the western paradise

Wow you have "eyes"

The previous one looked more like empress dowager style

BB: ya. but the flowery patterns lightened the old age concept lol. gives the gown a summery kind of shine n a tinge of YOUTH
Above: The First in this series - a Dowager style flowery gown. 

AA: :)
BB: Hehe! Remember that I can merge into anything!
1:06 PM

BB: cartoons but very interesting lol
so many versions too

AA: yes, it was from a folklore [see:]

BB: interesting [ -
1 traditional Japanese folk stories:The Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter]

下鴨神社「十二単衣の着付-蛍火の茶会-」2012年 twelve-layer robe
see this one:

very much like your 2nd creation

B wants to subscribe one set to offer......

AA: yes exactly, the layered robes

BB: n kaguya is from the moon, my dear

where did u get the amitabha story?

I learnt something interesting today - the layer robe

wow! Lots of these videos n lots of nice clothing too :)

Jūnihitoe - Kurashiki - Achi-Jinja 十二単衣に阿智神社

I like the lime-green base

But I like your finished product better though :)
your robe has the HOM syllable too! 
Hehe! Irrefutably designed by a tantric student

AA: the 5 layered robe is also related to Japanese tantra style too

There are 5 new Headdresses or Phoenix Crowns 凤冠 in this set of Festive new wardrobe too!

They will debut at Pure Karma's Medan Event on the 16th January 2016.

You can also subscribe for them in offering.

Register with and pay SGD 18/- for each set.
The offeror's name and address will be printed and attached with each set.

Confirmation upon full payment.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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