Tuesday, January 19, 2016

金母七大法 Golden Mother's Seven Practices – For Good Health

Video source: 20160116 聖尊蓮生活佛法王再次講述「金母七大法」-TBSN 高清版

In the above session, GM Lu again detailed Golden Mother's Seven Practice for Good Health & Longevity.

Also One that "reverts" to Youthfulness too!

Exercises of the:
[1] Eyes:- Close eyes and rotate pupils clockwise then anti-clockwise each 14 times.
Then immediately open eyes and look at the furthest place.

[2] Teeth:- Clamping of upper & lower jaw, so that teeth touched, attention be focused.

[3] Ears:- Drumming - Use hands to cover up ears, then using index finger tap the back of neck or snap fingers 49 times.

[4] Nose:- 9 Cycle breathing practice.

[5] Brain:- Visualisation.

[6] This is method for treatment of cancerous tumours.
Before taking a bath, when stripped down, whether you have tumours or not, then you touch the place where the tumour is located, Visualise Golden Mother appears and beam white light on your tumour, then red light on your tumour and then from her heart chakra, blue light on your tumour.
Then your tumour burst open and you can visualise all kinds of animals flying out from the tumour, can also visualise humans flying out too.
Or visualise bees flying out and away.

Must remember to chant Golden Mother's mantra continuously as you visualise.
All creatures that you have killed previously all will be delivered to Pureland.

[7] Next, Prevent blockage of Heart.
Rub sternum downwards 50 times.

[8] Umbilical chakra: rub in circular motion around the umbilical chakra, clockwise & anti-clockwise each 14 times.
(This chakra is the original of kundalini.)
Enable the Kundalini "fires" to spark up and rise and prevent the lower part from becoming Ying and cold.

[9] Kidneys: Rubbing your kidneys about 200 times, Prevent Kidney malfunction and failure. Especially with aging. 
Let the Kidney warm up.
Also effective if practiced diligently for those with kidney failure.
In some cases, fellow students that were on dialysis, have no need to continue dialysis anymore, as their kidneys recovered and function normally.

Please watch the video and translate the remaining part of this speech.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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