Sunday, December 6, 2015

Build Foundation - Four Preliminaries Practice 建基础 - 四加行法

Above: GM Lu holding out a mobile phone with photos showing the Sariras from the late VM Lian Xin 蓮信上師, who was cremated the same day as yesterday's event in Caotun Temple, Nantou.

`What is the most important practice?`
`The Four Preliminaries` I replied.

`The Four Preliminaries Practice is the very foundation of Tantric Buddhism. If the foundation is weak, all cultivation is simply like building castles in the air.`

When we begin our cultivation of the Tantric practices, we must first build the foundation, as it is required for preparing the ground of cultivation, hence, the Preliminaries.

The Four Preliminaries are each embedded with profound significance.

GM Lu enumerated VM Lian-xin's various meritorious deeds, like being instrumental in the success of erecting Caotun Temple.

During the event, GM Lu has a very clear sighting of VM Lian-xin in the Homa fires, directly attained Buddhahood!
He was sitting on a lotus flower, appearance like Arhat, very true and clear!

This [Bardo attain Buddhahood] is the 2nd class Buddhahood attainment, very very rare and precious!


VM Lian-xin practiced [Respect Guru, Value Dharma, Diligent Cultivation], and upon cremation today, sarira the size of thumb, [Vajra Sarira], resulted, these are rare and precious; and there are various types of sarira in various shapes too.

Dear all,
During his Dharma speech yesterday, GM Lu brought up the topic of authenticity of Dharma shared by him.

The resulting sarira from cremation, proved that what GM Lu taught and shared are authentic and can lead a diligent student to eventual Buddhahood if adhered too steadfastly!


It is not Dharma that is no good, but dependent on the student practicing Dharma!

Yet another good motivation for all to start as per GM Lu "From the beginnning" and "Step by step" too!

A word of caution: Do not attempt to jump before you can even stand erect to walk!

Think that you have ample foundation or did enough Ground works?

A: One must feel drawn by the person, a guru, VM, true yogi, - its an unconscious kind of charisma :) 

B: even the esoteric moslems said that charisma was the kind of invisible light
Dec 5, 2:14 PM

A: its a homing signal lol
u want to be a part of this circle or family n wants to abide within


In the above CHAT, I am sharing how to distinguish a True Yogi or one in the making already! :)

Now look at GM Lu's and VM Lian-xin's photo, do both of them draw you?
Does both shine with welcoming warmth and give you a sense of belonging?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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