Saturday, December 26, 2015

成就只要[专一]Attainment only need to [Focus on One]

 Above: The book that shared the very basic practices.



 Above: Merits Dedication - a charity event funded by fellow students.
All offering are donated to charity too.

Below: Live Animal Release event - another charity event funded by attendees.

Above: Group Cultivation of 4 Preliminaries Practice.
Below: Individual offerings subscribed by various fellow students and non students too!

 Above & Below: Tubs of lotuses and various incense offering to the Homeless Spirits, Earth & City Deities....
Below: Sharing of the basic cultivation practices on our blog, and can be found under [Media Centre]. 

    GM teaches us to cultivate vajrasattva & padmakumara yoga well. 
    Actually these two practices are truly amazing. 
    I recently realized that they contains many variations. 
    I have also told GM about these variations.

    When chanting GM's mantra, I found myself in the centre of the Earth. 
    As I chant, the power of the mantra pushes all the negatives outwards. 
    As these leave the Earth's surface, countless GM covered the Earth's surface.

    If we compare with the Thousand multiplier Wheel mantra, these one multiplies by the number of sentient beings on Earth. Isn't this more powerful than the Thousand multiplier?

    But what I realized recently is that this evolved from 4 immeasurable visualisation.We treat all sentient being as self. During cultivation we transform them into self. Then when we merge with say GM, they all became GM too. All these from 4 immeasurable vows.

AA: GM today do amitabha n we do 2moro on EXACT DAY
hehe! They have changed lots because of my "Caustic" comments!
stupid to do yidams that can draw crowds only!
the neglected ones are the most important ones
3:19 PM

BB: yeah yidam euphoria
3:23 PM

AA: can't master ONE, but go encourage all students to go chase Powerful or Wealthy Yidams
3:24 PM

AND they have started to welcome Ksiti rinpoche too :)
3:55 PM

Today in GM's speech - a very important message! 
Just need to concentrate on any one of the basic steps like great prostration also can liao! :)
I have been saying the same too! But people like to do the difficult n chase wrong path!

CC: lovely sermon today
In my maiden dharma speech, I shared the importance of the 4 Immeasurable Visualisation that can be transformed or varied to include all beings and all merging as one into the Universe.

Yes! Just one part of the Basic 7 steps before yidam yoga.

What else did GM Lu shared today?

Another important key is doing something to Benefit others! 


Lotuschef only know 4 Preliminaries Practice, very lousy?


I have stated many times too that if you pick one of the first 7 steps in the Sadhana, you can also reach attainment.

Now, GM Lu said the same today. 

Still want to allege that I am lying or bluffing you?

Isn't Maha Perfection Dharma great?

The Truth is that I am not lying but you just didn't understand GM Lu's teachings well enough only!

Your fault really! 

Maybe walking into Pure Karma and sincerely learn how to purify self will help you! 

Note that You are not supporting Pure Karma or Lotuschef by learning how to purify yourself! 

You are learning how to save yourself only!

Pure Karma & Lotuschef do not owe you anything and thus have no obligation to teach those that are not sincere! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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