Monday, December 21, 2015

与世无争 No Tussle with the World

Above: On vacation with family in Australia. :)
Below: Sharing technique of Drawing light to purify Homa offering.

 Above: Guiding fellow student to synchronise breathing to use Qi Energy to mobilise Light to cleanse & purify!

Below: Using mudra formation and mantra to cleanse, purify and shield Homa pit! This is a back-up as most attendees have yet to master the Mobilisation of Qi Energy to do Armour Protection effectively.

 Above: Preparing offering for Homa session.


Why do sentient minds fear me?
I am not interested in taking over what you think you need or hold dear!
I am also not interested in tussle over "Territorial" Issues too!

So, why don't you all just leave me alone? :)

Remember Sakyamuni Buddha said: Above & Below the Sky, I reign supreme!

Is there need to have tussle with sentient minded beings for sentient materials, for a True Yogi or aspiring to be True Yogi?

The Casket Seal Dharani states that when all Buddhas continue to bless you non-stop, all matters will Naturally Materialise for this One.

Really no need to waste any time and "muscle power" to snuff off any perceived opponents!
AND all opponents are result of your own sentient minded self, in clinging to sentient materials only!

I really don't want to know at all.

If you continue to attempt to involve me, you might "wake the sleeping tiger" and resulting in "digging your own graves"!


Yes, Best leave me alone!

A good sales person should only speak of all the plus points of his own product and never ever mention any rival or competitor and their products!

There are no product that can rival your own, so just concentrate on your own and you should do pretty well too!

Cultivation also depends solely on your own efforts!
You have no rivals at all in cultivation!

Also, most are getting wiser with GM Lu's sharings, so don't make a bigger fool of yourself in creating negative and acting against Buddha Dharma!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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