Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Symptomatic or Radical Treatment 对治与根治

Above: What can you see in the Homa Fire?
Below: Stupas offering - these are gifts for every Ancestor Dedication registered.

Above: The premium bundles for sponsors of $50 or more.
Below: Wishing Star with Individual's wish inserted.

Above: The Auspicious pouch with lots of goodies inside.
Below: The 5 Color stupa - from printed Usnisa Dharani incense paper.

Above: The Dakini or Summer attires for Golden Mother & various Boddhisattvas. Weapons sheet (Blue colored paper).

Above & Below: Offerings dedicated to Homeless Spirits, and various deities and Dragon Kings.

 Above: Sincere offering.

 Above: Pure Karma Charity reaching out to the needies.

 Above: Taking A Look at this attendee. :)

 Above: Sharing joy!

Above & Below: Sharing some healthy tips and exercises at an old folks home in Hong Kong.

 Above: Busy with preparation for Homa event.

 Above: Giving out rations in Goodies Bag to the old folks.

Above: Relaxing in the sounds of the sea and the comforting warmth of the setting sun. :)

Symptomatic Treatment is to treat signs and symptoms that surfaced or appeared with the corresponding medicine!
Example: Patient with Headache then give pain killers or Analgesics!

Radical Treatment: Complete removal or elimination of problem from the roots as well.

I can help you and teach you [Symptomatic treatment or method] only!
As for Radical treatment, have to depend on yourself to cultivate diligently!

Singapore 2010:
I suggested to fellow student WW, to chant more of GM's Mantra and High King Sutra, because he said very busy with heavy workload and no time to cultivate.
Finally, I taught him to chant High King Sutra once followed by the 108 times of the mantra [七佛灭罪真言]- [7 Buddhas eliminate sins mantra].

Hahaha! This is Symptomatic treatment for those with heavy karmic negatives!
If WW studiously follow and execute, he will be able to [Radically Treat] his own Karmic negatives problem!

Taiwan 2011:
Australian fellow student, happened to meet at steamboat shop.
I am acquainted with this shijie's son.
During dinner, had A Look at this shijie, :) I minding others business again!
I said: Shijie, when you cultivate daily, can you chant [Four refuge vows] 108 times?

Hahaha! This [Take a Look] , what did I discovered?

This shijie has lost links or never ever link up with Root Guru?

Last Saturday, GM Lu said that only cultivate a single practice like [Great Prostration] also can reach attainment!

I have [Symptomatic Treatment method], but [Radical Treatment method] need to depend on your own efforts!


[Symptomatic Treatment method] taught to many, the most common used one is [GM's mantra]!

Of course, believe or not up to you!

Question: Did I instigate any one to [Leave TBS]?

Question: Have I [create chaos in Sangha assembly]?

False allegation of crimes or sins, are they adorned on me by you?

Do you know [Sins or Negative Karma] comes from where?

Question again: Is me or you that understand GM Lu's words or statements?

The Compassionate me, had shared [Symptomatic Treatment Method] specific to you in this blog!

Use or don't use, depend on yourself or your own choice!

One of the 5 Knowledge of a Buddha is [Medical Knowledge]!
Treat illness with relevant medicine!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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