Saturday, December 12, 2015

巧合 Coincidence – 黄大仙 Wong Tai Sin

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kebetulan – Wong Tai Sin

I visited Wong Tai Sin Temple yesterday morning.

Made the above donation in GM Lu's name.

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped inside a shop selling statues and religious artifacts located along Shanghai Street.

While browsing, I heard a lady asked the shop keeper whether they have statue of Wong Tai Sin for sale.

Hehe! I got curious and step nearer to have a look.  😊

If you read previous article about Wong Tai Sin & me, you might remember that our affinity is of long standing & a masrer told me sometime in 2006 that Wong Tai Sin has been watching over me for more than 10 years!

Back to the shop.
The statue shown was one in porcelin and the 'look' of Wong Tai Sin portrayed, is not that of one with depth in cultivation to the attainment of Boddisattva.

The client to be asked whether have other statues and another one like the above was shown. 
Ah! This is the one! :)

But, it cost HKD 1380 whereas the other is HKD 488 only.

The lady asked whether can help get 开光 initialisation services for the statue.
She was told that the service charges is about HKD 800 +.

The lady started to bargain and I advised her to look the statues in the eyes and choose. 
After another period of deliberation, I stepped in and put some questions to her.

1. Why choose statue of Wong Tai Sin?
Ah! She said went to the temple earlier and asked and Wong Tai Sin agreed to go to her place. And she said from young she has been praying to Wong Tai Sin.

Yes! Affinity is present!

2. Price issue! 
I told her i will do the initialisation services free of charge for her so she can get the higher price one. :) 

Such a coincidence isn't it, this chance encounter when Affinity is present. 

The fellow students with me told me that when I initialised the statue, they
can feel prickling sensation running down their arms .....

Yes. The divine presence continued even after we left the temple and the shop. 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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