Tuesday, December 22, 2015

真正的行者 Authentic Masters

Terjemahan Indonesia: Para Master yang Sungguhan Asli

On the bus along the way to Event venue, met several fellow students.

Fellow student asked: Fashi, how to differentiate dharma propagators that truly have 'strength'? (in this context, strength means effectiveness!)

I replied: You use Shizun as you constant or base for comparison!

Question: Then XX have strength or not?

I answered: Hahaha! If he treats you like a customer, then quickly ran away and avoid this person!
Also, those that treat Shizun as a money tree are the same, run and avoid when you encounter them!

We also chatted about some common knowledge of  [替代] - bearing or taking responsibility for others sins/karma.

Shizun also talked about [替代] during the event!
Such coincidence!

Question: Other than Shizun, who has the strength to do effective [替代] practice?

Ah! Now realised why I [command - ask for] [Sky price - extremely high price] ?
Wenshi: each block of 20 minutes - Singapore Dollars 3 thousands.
Bardo delivery services: Each session from Singapore Dollars 5 thousands onwards.

The fees you paid goes towards [Diversion]!

GM Lu has shared [Diversion method] - On the day of the event, also during previous dharma speeches, and wrote about these.
HE will [替代]for you, then [Diverts] to Buddhas & boddhisattvas, then [spread out/disperse in illusionary void] - [transform to void]!

What is important here?

This [Affinity] can begin when you start to chant : Padmakumara mantra!

[Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom]

Lama Lotuschef

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