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Lotuschef at Play – 死了沒有?Die Already?

    [--- 但,這位婦女聽了聽,竟然迷迷糊糊的打起了瞌睡。
    But the woman started to nod off to sleep while listening.
    She suddenly woke up.
      對朋友說:Said to her friend:
    Then, she die already or not?
Let me tell you all a secret, want to cultivate to Buddhahood, is combination of these two items:
  一、「幻身」。Illusion Body
  二、「淨光」。Pure Light

Buddha's fruit is equal, deep, infinite, only one, true unique, pure, bright, use for rounded perfection.

This is topmost Buddha's nature. ---]


When reading the above article, I recalled an encounter with Lian-lai in Seattle outside the temple and along the way between temple and library.

LL said to me: 你要保持低调。You must remain low profile. .....

He was saying that I shouldn't extend help to all that approached me for medical or any advice.

I replied: 我不能见死不救。I cannot [sight impending death and not rescue] - means I just can't ignore people in suffering of any kind.

LL then said very abruptly: 那,死了没有?Then, die already or not?

I explained that I have medical training and also counselling, and I will not turn anyone away when they need help.


From the beginning, I study mindset of people which is acted out in their [Body Speech Mind]!

Is there any reason that I should even bother to "obey" one that is "heartless" and no clue as to what he is acting showing me and yidams that had yoga with me?

Ah! :)

What is his problem?
He wants to be my superior amongst other cravings derived from poisons or non-virtues!

Now, another one that happened at Caotun temple.
A female student fell down the stairs outside the temple while attempting to go to the washroom during the abhiseka.

With the help of a strong man, we carried her to the hall where GM Lu returned to after event.
VM CZ commanded that I am to let go of the injured student when GM Lu approaches.
I told him that I have medical training and stood my ground.

The problem with the student is obvious dislocation of left forearm and non sure about fracture. So I was keeping the limb immobilised to reduce further injury or damages.

What is wrong with being physically near to one's root guru?
Situational responsive action? 
I didn't see any in any of them!

High King Avalokitesvara Event in Caotun Temple - 
VM CZ was the one that pressed hard on a female student's He-gu accupoint 合谷穴 when she was being possessed by spirits!
He didn't like it when I told him that the student is not having medical condition that call for the pressure on He-gu 合谷.

Last year, when this same student has the same spirit possession, both her He-gu was pressed so hard that injured her muscles resulting in severe bruises.

That is really no excuse, because GM Lu has already transmitted how to deal with Spirit possession during Ragarajah event at Xiang Hua Temple long before.

Yah! These people really didn't bother to listen to GM Lu's guidances and teachings at all!

If you exhibit actions that are anathema to Buddha Dharma, as in your Body Speech Mind in execution, please stay far far away from me, else I "see through" you inadvertently! 

When you are not the one that people seek help from, Don't ever form an opinion or give an order, please!

Like Cultivation, knowledge are acquired Step by Step and not through "putting" up a show or "dressing" the part! 

In other words, steer clear of me or those like me who can read you well!

Hahaha! Most think that I keep quiet when they "boss" around, means I am easy prey to suppress or subdue! 

Wake up and Think again!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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