Wednesday, December 23, 2015

法座何在?Where is the Dharma Seat?

[I finally realised, O! real bad! Its Balck Magic master, casting an evil spell, preventing me form ascending Dharma seat to expound Dharma. ]

Lotuschef at Play - Lets Have Fun!

世界真佛宗宗務委員會 謹啟

Translated summary:

Core asked Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng: If ordained personnel do not accept <Core> humble advice repeatedly. Because they FEEL that they are ordained by Guru and only listen to Guru.

Guru said: IF reverend DO NOT ABIDE RULES OF SECTOR, RESULTING IN ORDAINED GROUP BEING AFFECTED, Core can remove their Reverend status! ]

only listen to Guru.


Let me tell you the Truth As It Is!

The Dharma Seat, or the Authentic One, Is Not Visible to the Human Eye! :)

AND, it is always At One with the True Yogi, all the time and everywhere this Yogi is!

How does One attempt to displace a True Yogi or a True Buddha?

Black Magic?
Rumours, Lies, Slanders?
False accusations?


Dear all, all these negative action can't really reach what more harm a True Yogi!

Please stop wasting your time and also stop living your life in this Negative Frame of Mind, which only hinders yourself and no one else.

For those that THINK that Core has Rights to judge and also published vague and false statements alleging that they are from GM Lu, wake up NOW!

Think: Will a Buddha let you lies to him when you Blanketed the Truth?

AH! Remember in one of his dharma speech, GM Lu said that : You only listen to me and no one else! 

If you really know Buddha Dharma, you don't need to act frivolously against anyone, and fabricate falsehood to penalise anyone that you don't know or understand; and attempt to Subjugate anyone that has Views very much beyond your Intellectual Ability! 

What can removing a title like Reverend Status do to a sincere and true yogi?

How many times have ignorants made frivolous, stupid, suicidal,.... attempts to Harm GM Lu?


I sat this far away from GM Lu physically! :)

But does it matter an iota?

I paid due attention to GM Lu's speeches no matter where I am too! :)

How much did you picked up from the speech given by GM Lu during the recent HK event?

Can you use what is shared to help others "Leave suffering and Attain happiness" with the contents of this one speech?


Comparison! Dualism!

Everyone need a Base or Constant to compare and then can advance along the Bodhi Path!

But do Bear in mind that these are Tools and must be discarded Once you reach Full Realisation! 

Yes! Likewise Dharma is no longer required when You are all alone on the Moon! :)

So, do you want to continue to chase an elusive Dharma Seat that someone has but refuse to find and unveil your very own! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom 
Lama Lotsuchef

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