Tuesday, December 1, 2015

「唯我獨尊」I Reign Supreme - 无修瑜伽 No Cultivation Yoga?

Readers please note that Self & Buddha is Equality View, no difference, [I reign supreme] is to Self merge with Buddha of 10 directions as One Phenomenon.

An arrogant student once told me.
I already am [I reign supreme. cannot cultivate anymore.]

I asked him: Why

If I cultivate further, then greater than Buddha.

I asked again: Then what are you now?

He answered: No one can be similar with Me.

<<Hahaha! I was translating this dialogue to comment on the problem of this arrogant student and GM Lu had highlighted them too as follows as well!
So please read GM Lu's Pointing Out.>>

His 3 replies has errors,

First - as I have described in this article, the [I reign supreme] phenomenon exist,
But [Can't cultivate further] phrase showed that he has yet to reach Affirmation, because Self Nature Attain Buddhahood, is highest stage of No Self No others, Buddha of 10 directions all merge as One, Self nature return to Vairocana's nature sea.

這「不能再修」,表示他根本未到此境界,如此的「唯我獨尊」是假的。<<Can't cultivate further - he hasn't arrived at this realm/stage yet, thus the [I reign supreme] is false.

<<Dualism is the problem when he said - [Greater than Buddha] >>

<<[No one can be similar with Me] is word that always from Mara's mouth and is Mara's speech pattern.>>


Mankind lost Self's Heart, enlightened then similar to return to Vairocana's nature sea, never ever into transmigration, attain [ I reign supreme].


Dear all, 
No Cultivation Yoga, Stage 4 or highest of Maha Mudra Dharma to those yet to be enlightened, means when they reach this stage then no need to cultivate further!!!

No Cultivation Yoga - how about looking at this as Yoga Practice NOT  Visible to the Human Eye? :)

In GM Lu's speeches about Nature or Characteristics of Yoga, Once you can Yoga with Guru or Divine being, you remained merged.

That is the Yidam and You are into everything like Sight, Hear, Taste, Touch, Feel,.....

AND when this happened, You will never talked "Nonsense" like [I don't need to cultivate further... or I will become Greater than Buddha..., or Mara's language of No One can be like me....

And for those that alleged that Lotuschef is arrogant, proud, rude, evil, .....:)

Think of [No Record Dharma 无记法] - and what Lotuschef is actually doing!
Think: Why should Lotuschef be annoying at all?
All are Buddhas and eventually all will be One when merged into Vairocana's nature sea!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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