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2015 X'mas - Cancer 癌症

Pure Karma - Purifying One's Karma can be in the form of Sincere Offering like the above.
Er... with a little help from me.
That is : invoking the Divine presences, helping the attendees do offering and teaching them to be sincere, "giving them a Cleansing Bath" at the same time by drawing Light energy to fill them,......

Homa sessions are ideal for those that don't know how to chant long sutra or practice the steps in the Sadhana or can't attend personally because of ill-health or living in other countries where the Homa is held.

That's why, Pure Karma has extended registration of offering for those Not Able to Attend too! :)

Just like you fax or mail your registration to participate in GM Lu's events!

25/12/2015, 09:13 - SJ: It's not a v merry Christmas for me this yr. Went for breast screening last wk. Doc found lump.
Schd op on Tue, 22 Dec. Results not gd. 
Lump is cancerous but small. 
Cancer nvr spread to lymph nodes. 
Radiotherapy is a must. 
As for chemo, must wait till complete lab tests is done to determine aggressiveness of cancer. 
Results expected nxt Wed. 
Gg for CT n bone scan tmrw. 
I rmb PY(lotuschef) told me she's worried abt my health. 
She can c a yellow auora surrounding me. 
At tht time I just thgt tht e health prob she was referring to was my aching shoulder n bloated stomach. 
Didn't imagine it's so serious. 
Pls pray for me.

25/12/2015, 09:26 - CF: JS, we all will pray for you. Many people I know of this problem were cured. Don't worry, you'll be fine.

25/12/2015, 09:29 - CT: Yes JS, CF is right. 
In fact I hve a friend who has breast CA n she is working n very positive. If u need to talk to her I can ask her . Will definitely keep u in prayers.

25/12/2015, 09:31 - SJ: Not for e time being, CT. Wait till all results r out then decide.

25/12/2015, 09:32 - CT: No worries
In fact I also have a friend diagnosed as stage 4 cancer of colon spread to liver. She overcome all odds n living happily. She left her job immediately n focus on God n her health that time. Now 7 years down the road she is👌🏻

25/12/2015, 09:38 - SJ: Thk u for ur reassuring wrds.

25/12/2015, 09:42 - CT: JS nothing is impossible where God is concerned! We shall all storm heaven n pray for you! 🙏

25/12/2015, 09:43 - SJ: 😘😘😘

25/12/2015, 10:21 - LN:

25/12/2015, 10:21 - LN: 🙇🙏

25/12/2015, 11:29 - AD: Take care JS. Will keep you in my prayers.

25/12/2015, 11:44 - Lotuschef Lama: I wrote many articles about cancer. ppl who get cancer are mostly those that had killed in this or previous lifetime.
doing charity like u helping out in temple or church or homeless shelters, old folks home, orphanage, sharing joy will improve your good energy.

25/12/2015, 11:49 - Lotuschef Lama: Yes. you have a dull pale yellow aura that points to ill health. stress n worrying will not help. I wrote one on - cancer is not a death sentence

25/12/2015, 11:54 - Lotuschef Lama: a genuine priest or living buddha or rinpoche n etc. can heal too. LN mentioned a father Stefano manelli during our last meeting. 
ppl that are pure minded n function to benefit others n to ease others suffering, are those that had deciphered universal secrets n can teach u how to become healthy again.

25/12/2015, 11:56 - Lotuschef Lama: There's the Novena prayers that I remember which one has to do in numbers of 9.

25/12/2015, 11:58 - Lotuschef Lama: in Buddhism, doing repentance like saying sorry n paying debts like charity work will reduce bad or negative karma.

25/12/2015, 11:59 - Lotuschef Lama: there are many methods n only u can do it in order to save self. I can help u by teaching u methods only

25/12/2015, 12:00 - Lotuschef Lama: CT, can u go find out the details about novena and nine repetition pls

25/12/2015, 12:01 - Lotuschef Lama: Anyway, SJ, think positive n let's meet up soon.

25/12/2015, 12:11 - SJ: Yes, Pops (Lotuschef).

25/12/2015, 12:15 - Lotuschef Lama: I have done healing with energy too😃. my .... also can do this healing with the methods I taught her. it's all written n publish in my blog. Relax and think about what you can do next to safe yourself.

25/12/2015, 12:21 - Lotuschef Lama: the name bestowed for my group by my grandmaster is Pure Karma. in purifying one's karma, one lives healthy
the genuine priest or living buddha or rinpoche is one that gives out a warm secured caring welcoming feel n looks like shining joyful youthful. don't get con by fakes. 
Cheers, son (SJ)

25/12/2015, 12:24 - Lotuschef Lama: Hi all, let's get together and learn meditation. it will improve your health.

25/12/2015, 12:25 - SJ: How abt yoga? Heard it's gd too.

25/12/2015, 12:26 - Lotuschef Lama: Maybe go to SJ's place. I can help 'clean up' her place.

25/12/2015, 12:26 - Lotuschef Lama: the end part of most yoga session is meditation.

25/12/2015, 12:28 - Lotuschef Lama: But not many can teach u meditation well. like the monk that taught u, my son

25/12/2015, 12:31 - Lotuschef Lama: Don't get spook about Clean up. its only done to improve energy flow in n out of a place. stagnant n stale energy gives rise to bad health

25/12/2015, 12:32 - Lotuschef Lama: Same as the human body, when energy is stagnant due to blockages to blood or lymphatic systems, we get ill.

[25/12 13:31] CT: Yes, grandpa you r right. SJ write your petition n ask Mother Mary to intercede for you. ( petition boxes are place in the church)
 Go Novena n pray for 9 consecutive Saturdays. 
Risen Christ Church has novena devotions on Sat.
[25/12 13:32] SJ: I believe my Holy Trinity also Hv
[25/12 13:32] CT: The Redemptorist priests from Novena are doing the devotion.

[25/12 13:33] Lotuschef Lama: Hehe! my memory not bad? 
whatever religious belief, many paths are opened to one that needs help or rescue.
[25/12 13:35] CT: 🏼🏼🏼good old grandpa
[25/12 13:35] CT: I mean young


Dear all, If you followed GM Lu's sharings all these while, you would have heard about Healing Cancers too!

Cancer is not really a Death Sentence, unless you yourself give up! 

Whatever your religious belief, really don't bother me in extending a helping hand when you have the relevant Affinity with me. :)

After all, all beings are mortals or sentient beings that are in our Samaya and Boddhisattva's vows to succour! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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