Monday, December 7, 2015

来摸顶得加持?Come For Mo-ding & Get Blessed?

In one of Shi-mu's speeches, she said that "must come here every Saturday and get Mo-ding Blessing from GM Lu.


I was strolling along towards the wet market and food centre nearby.

AND, chanting Guru Mantra, sharing light energy with all.

This [Come For Mo-ding & Get Blessed] flashed through my mind.  :)

Dear all, after learning from GM Lu for 40+ or less years, have you yet to realise that as long as you are cultivating diligently with all the goodies that GM Lu shared all these years, you will be blessed with whatever you need to support dharma for the benefit of all beings!

Pure Karma has lots of photos showing presence of light orbs, which as per GM Lu contains Mandala of divine beings.

If you can invoke Root Guru's presence then no matter where you are, you will always be blessed with light energy to carry out the necessary to benefit all beings.

So, ask yourself now: Am I adhering to all the keys that are guides shared by GM Lu?

Have you gotten rid of Unwholesome habits?
Are you willing to really put others before Self?
Or really practice the Wisdom of Equality of all Buddhas?

If you have been really paying attention to the most recent speeches by GM Lu, have you picked up that Cultivation must be by Self efforts and in a step by step manner from the very bottom rung of the ladder?

Instead of travelling frequently to attend events around the world, why don't you cut down on these trips and donate the funds to charitable causes in GM Lu's name? 

You see, when you start to think for others and practice this sharing of resources with others, you are smack on the Bodhi Path which many dream of, crave for, or lied about being on,...... :)

And Not Only GM Lu will come bless you wherever you are, but the whole universe will do so too! :)

GM Lu said that the "Invisible" is more precious!

And he also shared the story of Physical presence and Virtual or Astral presence, of the timing in welcoming of Sakyamuni Buddha by 2 disciples.
The one that was first in welcoming was not the one that did so Physically! :)
(This story is shared in this blog already, you can go look it up.)

Hahaha! The argument is always - O! there are people that still can't cultivate well to receive blessing wherever they are! They still need GM Lu's physical presence and blessing!

Didn't you all understand when GM Lu said that "I cultivate daily to set you all an example only"?

Now, think what does "No Cultivation Yoga" means?

Whether a person is cultivating or not, only those with Divine eyes can see!


Like GM Lu walks around the display of food before meals in Seattle, and jokes about the food too, what is he doing?

He is cleansing and blessing the food and also creates a joyful environment conducive for all beings to partake the nourishment!

O! You can't see so don't have?

Then you also can't see the blessing you received from Mo-ding or Abhiseka too!


What's next?

Absolute Faith or Trust in One's Root Guru and steer clear of people that tell you that you must do this and that too!

Now being sponsors at events?

GM Lu said If you Want to be ....... then you be a sponsor!


Draw upon the Heart Sutra now.
The words of GM Lu, a Living Buddha, speaking in Buddha's Language.

What does [ If you Want to be ....... then you be a sponsor!] means now?

The Heart Sutra is your very key to all Dharma doors!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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