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身口意相应?Body Speech Mind Merged Mutually?

Body Speech Mind - Guru Yoga

Wisely Huang The achieve guru yoga, your heart must be harmony and the same as Root Guru... If guru vow not to hurt sentient by taking court action, and we do the other way around means our heart is not the same as Guru and then we fail at guru yoga.
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Francesca Poon Hi wise, you are Right! Body Speech & Mind must be the same! Simple is the Key and the less said the better. Learn from the 3 most recent arrows - writing lots, don't equal to Complete Understanding of what One is writing, agree? Hahaha!
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<<  Funglie Huang I must say this is so disheartening, especially read the comment above from my fellow Indonesia Dharma brother... I pray to His Holiness may the Light bestow upon you, brother.
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Funglie Huang I quote below part of His Holiness Dharma speech on 29 June 2013 , hopefully this can shed some "light". 
Do use google translate if this not your language.











What I am sayign today is a Problem of Viewing from Different Angles, studying Buddhism needs to be as A whole entity, Shizun already studied the whole entity, after shizun "comprehend heart and sight nature" then vowed [not to sue people, also not to slander people].

Shizun has never slander people, also do not think/wish to critcise people, do not think/wish to.

But, from Admin's angle then need to do so, this is a Problem with Viewing from Different Angle.




Dear all, 
Please go read through the above and see how you can HELP students like Funglie Huang, and those in TBS' Admin or Core!

If you read it the way GM Lu intended, THEN you will know that GM Lu is telling you that those in Admin has a different view from HIM!


So, if you "Invent" or "Create" your own Viewpoint, which is Different from that of Your Root Guru, can you then expect to Successfully achieve Guru Yoga?


When you agree with Funglie Huang, and Admin, and even forced these views onto others, you are those that sadly wasted your time all these years in your own version of "Cultivating Tantric Dharma"!

Pointing out all the Truths to you all, what benefits does Lotuschef received?

But WHY continue to do so?
Vow to succour all beings and lessen suffering of all beings!

Please do not come apologise though.
Your should wake up and really listen to GM Lu from now on, thats all!

Safe yourself first and you can do lots of Repentance like the 4 Preliminaries Practice or True Buddha Repentance Practice.

Don't waste your time showing "which side of the Fence" you are on too!

After all, Ultimately at Full Realisation, [All is One & One is All]! :)

I sincerely hope that I do not encounter any hostile students whether they be VMs, Reverends, or Lay-students, trying to scold me or prevent me from sitting in the Reverend's area! 

Well, see you all in Hong Kong soon!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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