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何為真正的与佛同在?What is Truly to be with Buddha?

Selective Summary - Translated by Lotuschef into English.
Please do your own if you so please, to have a version you can truly and wholly understand. :)

Cheers all.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
From Facebook of Reverend Lian Wu.

Writer showed some photos of self taken with GM.
Lamenting that in early days there were many opportunity to have photo with GM, but as student's population increases, writer feels best not to disturb GM to take photo with.

Therefore, only can take photo with Padmakumara's statue, resulting in some saying that writer's face quite similar to that of Padmakumara's. (Laugh)

Writer eagerly hope to be with GM daily, however no such meritorious fate. woo~

In actual fact, if didn't enter into Buddha's realisation to understand GM's instructions, even everyday with GM physically, also very far from Buddha.


In the other hand, if realised GM's instruction in entering Buddha's realisation affirming true form of Prajna, no matter how far the distance in between, One is truly together with GM.

Please read the following story:
PS**[This story is the one that GM recently shared about Subhuti being the "First" to greet & meet Sakyamuni Buddha.]

Quoted from Mindset: It's the Thought that Counts!:
[--- Subhūti (Pali: सुभूति; Chinese: 须菩提; pinyin: Xūpútí) was one of the Ten Great Śrāvakas of Śākyamuni Buddha, and foremost in the understanding of emptiness. ---]
依次序,比丘應在比丘尼之先,但蓮華色尼 (Uppalavana Theri) 為了先得見佛,即化作轉輪王(Chakravartin),走在最前面。

不是你先見,『須菩提 (Subhūti) 先見我身』
The Buddha said to Uppalavana Theri: You are not the first to see me, Subhuti is the one that first see my form/body.

Actually, that time, Subhuti didn't join the welcoming event for Buddha.

When all went to meet Buddha, He thinks: Buddha said: See Dharma is See Buddha, why don't I Rightfully view/visualise Dharmakaya!


Buddha said very precisely: Cannot rely upon bodily form to see Buddha.

這些身相,都不過是假名如幻的妄相;佛的無盡莊嚴,也一樣的絕無少許法可取可得 。

《金剛經》- Diamond Sutra 所說



Dear all, 
have you read this article that were shared by reverend lian wu in Facebook or in this blog?

If you have, and also understand it, YOU are one of those that won't go crowd GM Lu! :)

Diligent cultivation will bring you real close to GM Lu or the Living Buddha Lian Sheng and all Divinities of choice, when and where you so please! 

For those that told me or others, bragging about their being very close or dining at the same table,....... Its time to truly wake up and work on Truly understanding Buddha Dharma! :)

The VIPs & VVIPs?


As the Diamond Sutra states, likewise Buddha states: 
凡所有相,皆是虛妄 All that have Form, are fabricated or untrue.

What is the Absolute truth? 
Your very own Buddha Nature!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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