Thursday, August 13, 2015

化为光 Transformation into Light

In Maha Perfection Dharma sharing, GM Lu stress attainment of Buddhahood is through Transformation into Light! :)

Dear all,
Why don't you browse through this blog and check out when Lotuschef shared this very topic of Transformation into Light, and how to progress towards this very stage?

Now the simplest method?

Is there One?


Well, if you have been diligently doing what GM Lu stresses as KEY FACTORS, YES! There is a simple method!

Draw upon Lotuschef's maiden dharma speech on 7 November 2009 in Seattle, USA.

The 4 Immeasurable Visualisation from 慈悲喜舍Kindness, Compassion, Joy & Unselfish Giving/sharing.

This is the initial step in cultivation sadhana set out by GM Lu!

Do you truly know what exactly these 4 immeasurable means?

You need to thoroughly understand the meaning before you can 任运自如execute at will and of course at ease too!


<< 2009-11-07 要廣傳真佛密法



Therefore, just now Reverend Lotuschef's statements of [4 Immeasurable Heart], [Boddhicitta], [Benefit Others' Heart] of most import, that is Mahayana's Buddha Dharma, CAN attain Buddhahood.  >>


I shared this in November 2009, and YET  Core's chairman lead a suppression against me about 3 years later and ignorantly also unreasonably slapped lots of fabricated "Sins" to get rid of me! 

Dear all, were you or are you still a member of Core's aggressive army against anyone that they deem threatening to their Sentient Statuses?


Should you not have woken up already?

To those that claimed that they saw GM Lu's face in place of mine, why did you "dropped out" when Core delisted me from their version of TBS? 

For those that had seen evidences of photos that I can somehow "transform" into a younger person, shining and joyful, why did you "run away" from my sides?

To those that I have helped in "cleansing & purification", why did you go into the "sentient mud pool" yet again, detrimenting your "advancement in the Cultivation Ladder!

O! I have also learned from you all and put much hindrances in your way in reaching out to me again!

You truly need to build the necessary affinity back to me too!

So instead of S$300 per 20 minutes block for personal matters consultation, it is now S$3000 per 20 minutes block. 10 times more! 
What I had taught or shared with you, you didn't make full use of, so WHY waste my time on you?


Once again, You have yourself to blame for not listening to your Root Guru closely and followed Sentient Form instead of the Divine!

How can someone sharing in detail what GM Lu has shared be classified as a liar and Sinner?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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