Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Does Bodhi Grows? 菩提能增长吗?[A2]

AA: Merci :)

I think Wo-lun was referring to virtue and merits, therefore he thought that bodhi grew with every practice of cutting thoughts.

But Hui-neng referred to the buddha-nature (the universal state of mind), that's why they differ in the context.

If bodhi (here refers to buddha-nature), it doesn't grow, it is as it is from the beginning. And because it is non-conceptual, it can't be said to be growing, but for the sake of putting it into words it doesn't grow.


I wrote in my blog to listen to GM! :)

he liken worries to buddha nature & then thoughts to bodhi
therefore: Buddha nature = Bodhi too!
as Bodhi is universal wisdom inherent or a nature of Buddhas!

see how easy?

As buddha nature is just there n never increase or decrease, likewise Bodhi.
Bodhi can be said to "grow" only when one cultivates n gradually unveil one's buddha nature thru stages of cultivation n realisation.

Like my comments better?

I already said: GM gave answers liao!  :)

AA: Merci beaucoup, you put it in better words  (palms together sign)

The direct translation to english is way different from your translation, but i get your idea that thoughts as bodhi equals to buddha-nature because it will always flow. 
It's just the practice to not get carried away in the flowing thoughts.
Nature-means its there already n we must learn to be Natural too!
O! look thru again what you submitted at first too!

u learn Zen style then need to be short, direct, precise to the point!
no waste time n words!


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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