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GM‘s Answers 师尊的回答

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mahaguru Menjawab Pertanyaan

In the above session on 23 August 2015, Seattle Time, GM Lu answered questions from students of Doubtful Bardo Delivery.

[1] Wrote to GM Lu requesting Bardo Delivery of parent.
GM Lu's replied with already done.
Some time hence, the writer asked again: GM said delivered, then why is my parent is hanging around my siblings?

[2] Another asked why GM Lu said that his Thubten guru has reincarnated as a infant into one student's family in Hong Kong, and then said that Thubten guru graced a certain Homa event?

Referring to the recorded sermon:

    This morning's speech is real fantastic lol!
    [1] 身外化身 -the projection of astral body out of One's physical body!

    & as many as possible to fill the space or for the tasks needed!

Now, in this blog, you can find many such bardo delivery stories too! :)

[1] A non-Tbs student request for Bardo Delivery for her newly departed father.
Then she asked the student that recommended this service, how can she know whether we really delivery as promised!

I told the student to go tell the lady to talk to her late father and request confirmation!

One of her cousins dreamt of her late father, who came into his dream and complained that he don't like to stay in the temple near his late residence.
He don't like vegetarian meals!!!

[2] In the "49 days" article, this non-Tbs student haunt a fellow student who was in a calligraphy class with him some years back.
The haunting started about 3weeks before the 49 days dateline.
We did a karmic dedication for the student but the disturbance didn't stop.
Then when the "attack" occurred again, I instructed the student to sit down on a bench (he was in a park near his house), and first invoke Root Guru and then Maha Mayuri and continue to chant their mantras.
At the same time, I also did the same at home.
I drew the student into vision after invoking Root Guru & Maha Mayuri.
I saw a shadow flashed pass the student.
Then I told the "shadow" to give us a name and state his needs, so we can help him.

The fellow student later told me about this calligraphy class mate who has recently pass away.
A call to the deceased wife that morning, was made and the 49 day is that very day!
I did a refuge taking for the deceased, and also a Bardo delivery that afternoon.
The deceased's presence can be felt when I wrote up the refuge certificate and the Bardo delivery script.
When we started on the 4 refuge vows, I instructed the deceased about the meaning of refuge and that we are helping him to go cultivate with the Maha White Padmakumara to go to Pureland.

After the Session, the fellow student can feel a "lifting" of the "Haunting"!

Dear all, 
GM answered by explaining the Individual's Karma plays a very critical or important role in determining where the deceased individual will go to!
By HIS blessing, the Individual might be saved from going the Lower realms or be reincarnated in Higher forms of one of the lower realms, like the Animal realm, in which they can become bigger sized animals!

In Bardo delivery, we try to do our best for the deceased.
I used to dedicate the "Red-packet with money" from the White matter chanting session to various good causes in the name of the deceased.

In Seattle, the money received goes to either the Donation Box in Seattle Temple or the one in the Dining Hall.
Back in Singapore, the money goes to Charity or Temple Building!

These funds goes to Charities selected by Pure Karma and Dharma Propagation!

The most important point here is to Help the deceased reduce his negative karma!


For those that don't like my practices, please refrain from slandering me, just stay far far away from me, will do! 

For those that picked up tips to benefit self, please don't slander me too! :)

It doesn't harm me at all, but you only!


Isn't Maha Perfection Dharma truly interesting?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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