Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cari Foto Black Zambala / Looking for Photo of Black Jambala

Dear Lama,
Lama, saya dengan JW dari Batam, ingin cari foto black zambala apakah dapat membantu saya. Dan ini manfaat nya apa. Saya agak kurang ngerti, mohon dijelaskan buat saya. 
Terima KAsih.
Best Regards,

Translated as:-

Dear Lama,
Lama, I'm JW from Batam, and would like to look for the photo of Black Jambhala. Could you help me with this?
In addition, I also don't understand the benefit of cultivating this dharma, could you explain this to me?
Thank you.
Best Regards,

I would advise this person to go do something he/she understand! 
Also stick to basic first and concentrate. 
There is no need to go hunting for this and that, when One can't even secure the basic or foundation.

Life is short and don't waste time on frivolous pursuits.

This person didn't even tell whether is fellow student or not, and I bet he don't have the necessary abhiseka too.

If this person can send email to PKV means then can get online, therefore, can go search for what he wants to know.

I seem to  remember GM gave abhiseka for the various colors cai shen after CNY last year or the year before.

Writer used Best regards - therefore he knows english too!

This person can easily go google up "Black Jambala" and learn his fill!

Dear all, 
Please be advise that as a lama, I do not advocate anyone wasting their limited time in this current life on frivolous pursuits!

Also, I do not see the need to give individuals any advice or explanation of any material they fancy but too lazy to go do research too.

I prioritise Sharing with All through my blog!

Please stick to Building the necessary Foundation from the start and this will help you all along your way on the Bodhi Path.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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